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OfSatan:Patagertss. E; his fecret ambuf iments to our de ltu6íón; which if theq Thepieti( *i wouldpreuent and auoid, let them.confider that pietie and cparae.rrttz- .charitable honefiie are two fuch twinnes as are borne,.liue, and die both together, that they arc the life And fouleofa Chriiiianwhich cannot poffiblie be feuered that it is- as pof_ , fible for the good tree to bringforth bad fluke,. for the fire .,to be Without hèate,and the Sunne without light;as it:is fora liueliefaith to be voidofgoodworkes,_true profeffìon tobe efeuered from hoiie pradife, and iuflification before God from fanetification and holineffe oflife before men ; that whofoeuer braggeth ofhis loue toGod an_d.loueth not his .brethren isa liar, and there is no truth in him, i.Ioh.4.2o. z.Iohn4.0. that though they profeffe themfelues the childrenofGod, yet iftheydoe not the workes ofrighteoufnesas well as tire workes-ofpiety,and loue theirbrethren,theyare in truth the childrenofthediuell, as appeareth'that not the t.Iohn ;.io. hearersoftheword, but thedoers thereofare iuflified,Ror. Rom 2.13. 2.1 3 .that net ester] one WhofaithLord, Lord,.Ìi al enter intothe Matt h. at. kjngdame o f heauen,but they who doe the trill ofthe fzther vbhich 1' is inheauen, Matth.7.2 I. that they deceiue themfelues who Tooke tobe faued byhearing the word, if they praetife not Iam.i.zz: that which they heare, Iam.1.22. for in fiead thereofthey flail plunge themfelues intodeeper condemnation : For the feruant that kno veth his matters will and doth it not, ,¡hall bee Luk412'47' beatenpithmany(lripes,Luk,i z.47.And it (hall be more eafie forTyre and Sidon, Sodome and Gomorrah,who had not Matti. theGofpell preached amonga them, nor faw Chrifis mira- cles, than for Corazin and Bethfaida which enioyedboth, Matth.z i.2i.for there as the Lord fowethmuch,he looketh to reapemuch,and thereas hegiuethgreat meanesofknow- ledge,there he expe&ethgreat fruites in pra6tife, and as he will behonoured in all,foefpecially in thófe that comenigh unto him ; as it isLeuit.t o.3 . Lafily, that the fentenceoffat= Leuit.zo.;; uation anddamnation hall not beegiuen according to our words and profefflon, but according toour decdes and the holie praaife of the workes ofmercie and Chriflianiti'e, which are the infeparablefruites and vndoubted fgees ofMatth.2 . true faith' And therefore let not Satan delude vs,-byper- G 2, fwading