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§:Seti. 5. T'nat tre art to aunide thefor- me( temptati- onby keeping vs in the gol- e dai meaxe. T. Holy Satan maned) vs to propound bad end, to goad aillons. wf 96 OrSoots jfr tagemt. tan,whereas in truth theyare butvnlike childrenofthe fame father. Thedangerof which temptations ifwewould auoid,we mutt keepe vs in the golden meane,auoiding both extremes; and becaufe we are ignorant and vnskilfull in trauelling the flrait path which leadeth to Gods kingdome, and euerie houre readie to take the b7waies oferror which leade tode- flruóiion, let vs vfe the word of God for ourguide : theIsraelites trauelling towards the land ofprotnife, were dire&edby the cloud and pillaroffice, goingforwardwhen thatwent before them, andpitching their tents where that flaied; fo let vsconfiantly and boldlie trauaile inour Chri- flianpilgrimage fo long as we haue the wordofGod forour direthon,not flaying where it biddethgoe, norgoingwhen it flaieth. Let this bee the touchflonc to difcerne the golden truth from the droflie extreames on either fide Metit be the line to leadevs out of this laborynthof errors; let it:bee the flarre ofBethlehem to conduól vs in our tedious iourneyve- to the place where our SauiorChrifl is, not now lying inthe armesofhis mother,but fittingat the right hand ofhis father in all glorie,powerand maieflie.Andbecaufe we irevnskil. full pilots in failing the dangerous sea of this tempefluous world, readie tofall vpon the rockes while wee auoide the (ands; let Gods word bee ourCard, to dire&vs to thehone land : otherwife Satanwill raise againfl vs such flormie tent. pefls,and contraryblafis oftemptations, that our fouleswill fitffer fhipwracke vpon the rockes offinne,andbee drowned in afeaofdeilruolion. CHAP. XX. O f three'otherffratagems whichSatanvfeth. Fourth policie whichSatanvfeth tointrappevs in his fecret ambufhments,is this : Whenby thevio- lenceofhis temptations he cannot alrogcther re- flraine vs from doing t?at which is good: then he will tempt vs todoegoodâions_tobadens. Ingiuing. of