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+ .1001. O fSataNJtr4t.ervmr. $q *ofcouetou neffe. Ifhe cannot any longer keepe s afleepe in finne,byrocking vs in the cradle ofcarnal fecuritie,and Ping- ing veto vs the f Bete tunes ofGods inercie and Chrifls me- rits,th will he labour toplungevs indefpaire,by letting be- fore our eyes the hainoufheffe ofour finnes, and founding in our cares the thundring threatningsof the law. Ifhe cannot any longer nuzzlevs in fuperflition, and caufe vs to place all our religion in ceremonies, and in reflraining our felues of the vfe of things indifferent,he will draw vs to the other ex- trearne bymouing vs to thinke all ceremonies vnlawfull,and topraelife al licentioufnes vnder pretence ofChriflian liber- tie. Ifhe canno longer perfwadevs to feeke for iuflification by theworkes of the law to the end wet may not relie on Chrifls merits andrighteoufnes, he will bring vs into vtter 4 fluke ofthisdo&rive, by (hewingvs the abfurdities there- of,that he maydrawvs to the other extreme,namely,to neg- le&goodworkes,as altogether vnneceffarie to faluation be- caufe faith alone iuílifieth. Ifhe cannot hide out ofour fight the fhininggracesofGods fpirit, by calling beforeour eyes the cloudofour fins and corruptions,thenhe will caufe vs to looke on them thorow the fpedlacles of felfe loue and affe- ¿lion,to the end we may imagine them muchgreater then in truth theyare,and fo bepuffed vp in pride, and too fecurely refl in thofe gifts we haue,not feeking for increafe.Ifhe can- Rot perfwade vs to diffidence and diflrufl, he will moue vs to temptGod vpon neceffarieoccafions : and thus he dealt with our Sanniour Chrifl, for firfl he tempted him to diflruf} Cods providence, and to prouide for himfelfe by turning flones into bread ; but whenhe could not fo preuaile,hemo- ued him to make an vnneceffarie experiment ofhis proui- Bence andcare,by callinghimfelfedown headlong from the pinacle ofthe Temple,whereas there were ordinariemcanes wherebyhe might defcend. Now the end why Satan vfeth this policie, is more vio- lently tocall vs into one extrearneof finne, whenwith fill fwingeofwill we do auoide the other: as alto tomake vs be leeuc that the latter temptation is the motionofGods fpirit, feeing it is cleane contrarie to the former fuggeflion ofSa- tan,,