Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

THE EPISTL1 DEDICATORII. are affiiTedandhumbleddare not appropriate them to themfelues; becaufe theyare deliuered indefinitly to all, without all caution or any condition, where- by they might bee reftrained rather to them than a- ny other in whom finne yet liueth and raigneth. Wherein they refemble negligent Phyfitions, who hauing made good medicine for a ficke man, doe nor give it vnto him, but caft it carer fly into force corner, whither the ficke patient in refpeä of his faintneffe and weakeneffe is likely neuer ro come : which being found and greedilie drunken vp by thofe who haue no need of it, in Bead of doing them good doth turne to their bane and vrter de- firulion. Laftly, I haue defired to glue folid and fubf}antiall confolations, which are firmely groun- ded upon Gods vndoubted truth, and fuch infallible reafons as cannot bee gainfàid; and haue withall deliuered the conditionr,vponwhich they are to bee receiued, and the vndoubted fignes and markes of thofe,towhomofright they appertaine 3 to the end that thole who find there things in themfelues, may not doubt to apply them to their wounded"confci ences, whereby they may bee foundly cured and throughly comforted; and that thofe who find no fuck condition obferuedby them, norany Each fìgne or marke in them,. may bee,debarred fromparticipa- tingofthere: confolations, which would nourifh in them fecuritie "and prefumption; and contrariwífe examining themfelues according to thefe rules,and finding no correfpondencie betweene ,themfelues and them, mayhereby bee awakened out oftheir le- thargic of fecuritie, and attaining vnto a fight and fetIfeof their miferable eflate may neuerbee atref'r, till 1