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THE EPISTLE DEDICATORIE. till by vfing all good meanes for this purpofe, they may find thefe markes and lignés of their eleaion, vocation,iuftification,and fanilification in them,that fo theymay boldly and fitly apply vnto themfelues thefe comforts and confolations as rightly and truly appertaining vnto them. All which my labours I thoughtgood to dedicate vnto your worfhips, part- ly becaufe I defired to giue this tef}imonie of my true thankfulneffe, for thofemanifold benefitswhich from fotneofyouI haue receiued, and of minevn- fàined loue which I beare to you all, foryour vertues and approoued godlinefï'e ; and partly becaufe I thought none fitter to whom I might commend this difcourfe of the Chrrftian Warfare, then your felues who are old experienced fouldiers in figh- ting there fpirituall battelles, and therefore haue iu- diciall feeling and fenfible apprehenfìon, of thofe things which I haue written and commended to your patronage. Now the Lord our God,who is the fountaineofall goodnefhe, and the foie giuer of all trueconfolation, increafe inyou more and more the gifts and graces of his fan ityrog fpirit, and fo fill your hearts withall found fpirituall comfort, and the toy in the holy Ghoil, that you may through the courfeofyourwhole hues, cheerefully goe forward in theprofeffion and fincere praáife of his religion and true godlinef e, and after.this life may receiue that crowneofrighteoufneffe, which is prepared and laidvp for you inhis kingdome of etanall glorie. A-ren, ToHrWorfhips in theLordmolt afjured, IoHN DovvNAiE