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91 OfSatowsjrrlagens. watchfulnes mull wevfe in auolding them.Tn ali oura8ions therefore let vs be careful! to propound vntoour felues good ends,and vfe goodmeaner for the accomplifhing ofour ho- nca and godliepurpofes ; for ifweneglcel the firfl,we fhall bewray ourhypocrifie and impietie,ifthe latter we (hall pol- lute a faire worke with filthie tooles,andPhewour diffidence in God in not daring tovfe thofe godly and honell meanes whichhe bath commanded and commended vntovs,vnleffe weebolller andprop them vp by our ovine foolifh inuenti- ens, and wickedpraelifes. And whenfocuer wee are moued topropoundeuill ends ofour good aólions, or to vfe euill meanes for the accomplifhing ofgood ends, let vs affure our felues that theyare not the motions ofGods Spirit, but the fuggefiions ofSatan, at leafl fo farre forth as wee are temp-. ted to the euill ofthe end or meanes; and therforeweeare to purge the wheate from the chaffe, the pure gold from the droffe,and to doe the workes ofGod for thole ends, and by thofe meanes,which he hathappointed. 4.Sefi. 3. A fixt policiewhichSatanvfeth, is to takeaduantage of Hero Sato* our vertues to plunge vs headlong into vice; for example, tempteth to whenwe haue mortified our finnes, and areplentifull in all be exeref our good workes, he taketh occafion thereby to puffevs vp with pride, and a pharifaicall conceite that wee are not as other men are ; yea ifwe be fo humble that hoe cannot make vs proud ofanie thing elfe, he will labour tomake vs proud of our humilitie. Let vs not thereforebe retchleffe and fecure, but haue an eye toour hearts, euen in our goodaólions : and when we entertaine any excellent verme, let vs rake heede left pride thrufi inwith irr, feeing moll commonly it atten- dethvpon vertue, and takethvp his fiandingwhere it lodg- eth,for we arenot quite at libertie, and out ofthedanger of Satans thraldome, fo long as pride like a iaylour attendeth en vs. . CrrAP.