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r Oftbemanner ofSatansfa3ht. 93' e...o_. CHAP. XXI. Ofthemariner o fSatansfight. Nd fomuch concerning Satans f}ratagems and warlike policies. Now let vs confider of the mannerofhis fight.In which we are fir[} toob ferue that it is roof} cruel! and cowardly, for he obferueth no complements of true valour, but then mot}violently atfaulteth vswhé we are leaf} prouided; ifhe cannot preuaile whenwe arewaking,he willfet vponvs while we are fleeping ; ifhe cannot hurt vswhenwe are rea- die in the field armedwith the compleat armour of a Chri- flian,the girdle ofverity,thebrcaf}-plate ofrighteoufnes,the fhieldoffaith,the (wordofthe fpirit,&c.he wil watch a time whenhe can fpievsvnarmed, and thenhewill alfaile vs;ifhe cannot ouercomevs in the time of prof critie, when God bathhedged vs inwith his bleflìngs, as it is lob i r o. he wilt Watch till weebe call dowse with fome aduerftie, and then he will Isy loadon vs whilet} we areunder foote;-andwhere- as all our hopeofvicorie is in the Lords affîílance, bee will perfwade vs to yeeld vnto him, for as muchas the Lord is become our enemie. Now if wee would refit}Satan, wee muff foprepare-our felues that he doenot hurtvs by this hisdaf}ardlyfight. See- ing therefore he vfeth to let vpon vs on all aduantages,wee arealwaiesto be fo prouidedas that we giue him noaduan- tage; being awake,wee are alwaies to f}and vpon our guard, . readie armed with the graces ofGods fpirit;being tofleepe, we are todelire the Lord to watchouer vs, and to command' hisangels to pitchtheir tentsabout vs,that fowe may be de- fended fromSatans furie; feeing hee is readie to affault vs when heTeeth vs difarrned,weare alwaies to keepe the coat- armour ofaChriflian buckledvntovs:laí}li feeing in the time ofprofperitiehe is- readie topufffe vs vp with pride,and in the time of aduerfitie to plunge vs into defpaire, Iet vs humble our felues. whenGodexaltsys, by thinking of our yaworthines That Salas obJerueth no complements eftrut valear, robLack: