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non nd thereforeifwe would obtaine vietorie Wee . mull not thinkemuch ofour labour, but vfe all paines;dili- Satan is fo vigilant andpainfull in feeking our defIru6tion, and . confidering that Satan after one, or two, or tvventie neuer faint,but likevaliant fouldiers alwaies (land 'readie in the field to endurehis incounters. But alas, thepraife of moll is farreotherwvife,for they watch and drudgenight and day to attaine vnto riches andpreferment, and in the meaner time little . regard this dangerous foe, but to the end they may attaine vnto their worldly delires, theyrntangle them- felues in the fnares which hee hath laid tointrap them to: their vtter delhu¿lion. The fourth thing to be obferued inSatans fight, is his of- 4,Set! 4` ten changingofhis temptations, and taking as it were into . his hand another weapon,whéhe erceiueth the firft woun- ` Satan p p o f era cba,rgeth Bethnot..For example,hee will tempt vs to thecontempt of bid tcnptatio,tc Godsword ;_ifhe cannot fo preuaile,he will inticevs at lead for his better tonegleá it; and ifthus he cannot hurt.vs, he.will,ifhe can, ,ad"axtage, choake thefeede ofGodswordwith. the thorniecares ofthe world,andfo make it vnfruitfull. Hee willmoue vs to thinke that.Chri(l was no Sauiour; ifhecannot perf.vade vs to this,.. then he will tell vs he is not our Sauiour.Yea fo fhamcicl% is this tempter,that he will now tempt vs to beleeueone lie of his coyning ; and prefentlyafter whenhe feeth wee g-iue no credit to that,he wil tell vs the cleanecontrary.For example;.. heewill fometimes tell vs that wee are finch grieuous fanners that there is nowaybut damnation: and iftvewithlland this a(lault,heewill föone after perfwadevs to an ouerweening, conceit ofour own excellencie,and to aPharifaicall opinion that weeare not as other men are.. Sometimes he will moue vs to doubt ofour eleálion,and ifhe cannot thuspreuaile,he will prefentlyperfwade vs to thinke ourele6tiòn fo fure,that thoughwee follow our owne lulls, and giueour fettles ouer - toall outragious wickednelfe,yet in theend wee (hall be fa:.. ued. Jnawordythis wicked Protheu 'will transforme himfclf .