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,,,iY.*bY}Yj0;:t!. 94 Ofthe mannerofSatan;fagle. d vnworthines to receiue the leaf}ofGods mercies; and coin fort ourfelues in the time of our affklion, by remeinbring that it is the portionofall that will line godliein Chrifl le- 2 . 3. z a. fus,and that Lvho roeuer fifer e with Chriît, fha11a/fo raigne with and z,i z. him, 2.Titn.3.12. and 2.I 2. i.Sec`i.2. The fecond thingtobe obferued in his manner offight, tatan is that he fetteth vponvswhenwee aremoll fccnre,and then tab vs-ben vveare molt foundeth the alarum to battaile, when weemoll flatter our lecure. felues with hope ofpeace,and that not drowfily and faintly, but with all celeritie and fpeede, whereby heeouercommeth oftentintes, or at leafs foilethvs, before we canarme or pre- pareour felues to make any refiflance. And thus he affaulted our firfl parents in paradife,«'hen they fecurely promifed vn- to themfelues the continuance and increafe of their happi- nes; and Dauidalfoafter all his trouble when he wasretch- leffe and idle,, fleeping in the day, andafter walking on his houfe top,lettinghisems wander afterpleafures. If therefore we would withflandSatan, let vsflake offal'_ drowfieand carnal fecuritie,and continually watch,ílandin on our guard to refit' his encounters whenfoeuer hefetteth -vpon vs : and as in calme weather the carcfull Mariner pro- uideth all thingsagainfl a tempefl, and' the valiant fouldier dotharme and furnifh himfelfwith all neceffaries before the affault; fowhenSatan feemeth to offer vs a time oftruce, let vs therein prepare our felues more flrongly againíl the dayof battaile ; forwhen this raging lionfeemeth to fleepe as thoughhe didnot regardvs, then ifthrough retchlefnef% we give him theleafl advantage, hewill fuddenly runne vp- on vs and deuoure vs, ifhe cret vs withinhis cruell paves. '$ .Secf.3. The thirdthing tobe oblerued,is his indefatigablepaines Satan neuer in tempting and alfaulting vs,for he neuer taketh refl,but flit vvearie inof goethabout likea roring lion feeking whom hee may de- faultán%vs. uoure ; and this is euideut byhis owne confeffion, Iob 1.y. >t.P.c.s 8. where he profeffeth that hehad been compaffüig the earth lob 1,7. to and fro,and walkedfrom place toplace. So that he omit- teth no paine nor labour in feeking our deflru6,lion. And thoughhe ouercome vsnot atthe firfl, but retire foiled, yet he will gather his forcesagaine andagain,and inceffantlie fet