Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

9 Ofthemanner o fSatansfight: i Flo* Satan perfwafions,andmaking liberall offers ofpleafui profit or" trahfformeth preferinent,or elfe minfiilg thole fns towhich hee tempteth an into vs as though they werenothing or masking them under the a:aarrgellof, , light, vizardofvertue. Neither dothhe oftenmouevs to commit thofe fins which nature (refirained byGods commongrace, or fantifiedbyhis fpirit)doth abhorre and tremble to think: of; vnleffe it be either to vexe Gods children with fuch fug geflions,rather thanfor any hope ofouercoinming them ; or elfe that whileíl their mindes are wholly intent inwithfian dinghis outwardviolence, hee may more cunningly intrap them in his ferret ambufhtnents,which they regard not: but otherwife bee vfually tempts vs to commit fuch fnnes, as through ourcorruption wee are pronevnto, as not thinking them tobe finnes, or but fmall, or rather neuer entring into anyconfederation ofthemat all ; as namely,carnall fecuritie, hardneffe ofheart,infidclitie,impenitencie, neglediofGods word, prophaningof his Sabbaths, couetoufnes, ambition, pride,negledi ofthegeneral! duties ofChriftianitie and fpe ciall duties ofour callings; all which are not much leffe hai- nous in the fight oftheLord then the other groffe outward finnes, and much more dangerous vntovs, as being Satans ferret fnares which hee laieth to intrap vs at vnawares; in whichwhen we are caught wee are content to lie bound,be- caufe theydonot fo much pinch and torment theconfcience as theother outward fumes, they being not feene, or not re garded. As therefore thofe difeafeswhich by diflurbing the brame doe take away all fenfeofpaine, areofall others moll defperate, namely, the dead pallie, thefallingGckneffe, and fleepie lethargie, and in other difeafes the patient is moll dangeroufly ficke whenhe hathno feeling thereof; fo there is no ficknes ofthe foule fodefperate anddangerous,as thofe that afflict not our confciences with any fenfe of Painey to wit, carnall fecuritie, hardneffeof heart, and the reíl aboue named. And thus haue I {hewed Satans difguifed and fubtiIl That saran is leaner offight,wherein like aPiratehe hangeth out flags of yno(l to be f a- truce to lignifie peace and friendfhip, till hee haue gottenvs red when he withinhisreach and cotxunand :. and then he arapleth with mrß,flattercrh. vsa,