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0f the manner o fSatan'fight. 9g vs, and ranfacketh vs ofall Codsgraces, and caflethvs ouer boord into thefea ofdeílruólion.And therefore it behoueth vs with no leffe care towithfland Satanwhenhee fawneth, then when hee frowneth.; when hee fighteth by ambufh- ment,then whenhe affaulteth vs by open violence ; when he offereth to flab vs to the heart,thenwhenhec dothbut (as it were)pricki' a veine,letting vs blood todeath without fenfe ofpaine ; when hee temptethvs to outragionsfinnes, then whenhe inticeth vs to fecret andhidden finnes ; when he al- lureth vs like a friend to commit finne, by offering pleafure, riches, or honours, then when like anenemie,a roring lion, or cruell dragon hee rangeth about andrageth againil vs; Nauseamdeleftabile proponit, molest-tomfupponit,c aura vngtt p:ungit; He propòundeth things delightful) to bring vs to griefe andmiferie,he fawneth onvs that hee maybemirevs, and killeth while he ernbracethvs.Neither dothmanknol, his Ecc!eC.9. r:r. time, butas the fifties which are taken inan euill net,and as the birds mhich are caught in the fnare, fo are the children ofrnen fnaredin theeuil time ,whenit fallethupon themfuddenly,as it is Ecclef.9. i 2. Nay, feeing this fight is farre more dangerous, becaufe bee couereth his hooke with an alluringbaite; and thofe maresof finne more pernicious which lie hidden, then Temptations thofe which lie in openview; feeing wee are more eafily onto ¡fewfins tempted to thofc fumeswhich arefecret and difguifed in the molt dame. habiteof vertue, then vnto thofe groffe finnes which. haue "us' their naines as it werebranded in their foreheads; feeing al- towe canmore hardly repent ofthem, bothbecaufe they do not appeare fohorrible and grieuous vnto vs, as the other o- pen and outward finnes, and alfo becaufe they worke in vs no fhame after weentertaine and hue in'thcm,neither can a- ny ofour Chriflianbrethr6 admonifh or rebuke vs for them, theybeing fecret and vnknown.:therfore is Satan made more audacious to tempt vs, and wee more bold to admit of his tcmptation;and after wee are fallenwe kicke meanes to raite vsvp againe byvnfained repentance, for our'felues doe ap- prooíie our finnes,and ourbrethren know themnot : which Bernardwell difcerning, vttereth thisfpeech fit for this pur- pofe : Extimefo raagis occulta peccata qua clam commttt? H 2 imam