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Atì. Si, 5". Pecl.II. Now Satans fuggeflions may be difcer- tiedfrom onr owne flefhlie 104 Thé mannero fSatansfight. . w and immediat caufe, yet hee is the firft and principal! caufë ofall finne and wickednes. Andhence it is that in theScrip-. tures the fame wicked motion and adáion is fometimes ai=. Bribed to man, and fometimes to Satan indifferently,as ap- peareth, A61.5.3.5. «'herefirít Peteraffirmeth Satan to be: theauthor of Ananias finne, by filling his .heart with his fuggef}ions, wherebyhe.was tempted to lie vnto the hoiie- Ghof}, and afterhe faith that Ananias had conceiued this lie inhis owneheart. But though moil commonlie it beeveriehard to difcerne betweene the fuggef}ions ofSatan,. andofourcorrupt flehh, yet fometimes they maybee dif}inguifhedby apparent dit- ferences; as .firf} when the temptations are fo cunning and exceeding fubtill, that it is not poflible they fhould be the thoughts ofa filiie. ignorant man, but the apparant fuggc.., fiions ofthe old wily ferpent. Secondlie, when as the fuggefdion is vrged with great forceand violence,and leaueth behind it adeepe impreffìon, . which feemeth to bring aneceflitie of doing that which is euen contrarie tonaturali reafon,whereas the fuggeflions of the flehh doe rather leade and intice vs then drawand in forcevs vnto finne. Thirdlie, the temptations ofSatanmooue vs oftentimes to fuchoutragions wickednes,andhelllifhimpiety,thateuen nature corrupted doth condetnneas abominable, and euen. trembleth with. feare and horror, when they are firft fug- gefted. Fourthlie, the flefh'takethoccafon ofthingsprefent and fubiec`1 to the fentes to intice vs vnto finne; but Satans fug_ .. gelons fometimes are farre fetcht and fo frange vntovs,. that before the infant theyare fuggef}ed weneuer thought or fo much as dreamed ofthem. Laftly,the things whereuntoweare temptedby the, fle{l , are alwaies delightful! andpleafing,vnto vs;but Satan temp- teth vs alto to thofe things which. ,are irkefomc and grie uous : as namelie to fuperftitious abfiinence whereby the bodie is almoft fiarued,topunifhing ofour ownebodies,as be tempted theSaalitifhpriefts,tocut.and launce themfelues before .: