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4111,170r4s4.1 Ofthé enerallmeaner tou-ithfand our f irituallenemies. 105 before their idoll;and thefuperfiitiouspapifts towhip them- (clues before their images, and to take vpon them tedious and dangerous pilgrimages to idols and reliques of Saints ; and the idolatrous heathen to burne in facrifice their deare children.Soaltohe tempteth force todefpaire ofGods mer- cie,and fo torment their confciences with horror and feare ; yea fomtimes to layviolent hands vpon themfelues,tnurthe- ringand taking away their owne life, which by nature is fo deere and precious unto them. All whichbeingcontrarie to our naturali inclinations and the delires of the flefh,tnani fefily appeare to be the fuggef}ions ofSatan. And thefe are the chiefe differences betweene the temp.. taions ofSatan and the flefh; otherwife they arecommonlie fo like one to the other that theycanhardlybedifcerned:and therefore let vsnot be focareful!, curiouflie to diflinguifh them,as to auoide or refit} them; knowing that Satan is the captaine general!, and the flefh and the lufis thereof his chiefe aides & alit}ants, whichcontinuallyfight againft the fpirit and labour.tò plungebothbodieand foule into euer- Jaflingdeflruaion. CHAP. XXII. Qfthegenerallmeanes whereby weensay beeinh1ed ro with- BandourJ irituallenemies. Nd fo much concerning the manner of Satans §.Sea.,I. fight. Nowwe are to fpeake oftheconflid} it The circum- felfe; wherein (as I haue (hewed) the parties finfid affaultingand oppugning are the diuel and his this d dererìtxain ll alit}ants the world and the flefh; the partie conflra, defending and refilingis the Chrif}ian fouldier. The caufe ofthe fight isnot for lands and dominions,nor for richesand mines of gold; for thefe would Satan bee content to giue ifhehad them in his poffellion, ifwe would renounceGods feruice, and fall downe and worfhiphim; but for the euer- lafling faluation of our foules, which Satan laboureth by all;meanespoflible to hinder,and toplunge vs into endlefle deflruction