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Oft generallmeane.c tonithjlarrdourffirituallenfmie.r, i07. andwehis_mernbers,and therefore we may affurc our felues. that hehath..nokitewill than power to fuçcour vs.As allo let vs alwaieshaue inminde the crowne ofvi6lorie promifed to. allthat ouercome, euen a crowne .ofglorie and euerlafling happines inGods kingdome,Apoc.2.7.&3.5.iz..2r.And this will make vs refolue neuer to faint in thebattei, nor coward- 3.5.1424, 1yyeeldvnto Satans temptations, though bee ilhould intice vs to fumebyofferingvs.the whole world,becaufe we would not thereby hazard the loffeofthiseternal' waight ofglorie. Thirdly,we are alwaies tofluid in readines armedwiththe Thethird Chriflian a,rmor,thegraces ofGods fpirit,and to vfe al good-meanes,to be meanes that we maybe more and more flrengthened&con- a!traits in rta- firmed in them we : but when e are at the flrongefl;weare dmes. not toprefume vpon our ovine flrength,but to relyour (clues. Whollyvpon the Lordsaffiflance, andwhen weeare tempted, andaffàulted,we mull continually implorehis helpe,thatbe- ing armedwith the power ofhismight, wee may withfiand the temptationand obtaine viCorie. Fourthlie, whenwe are affaulted by our fpirituallenemies Thefourth and temptedvntoany flnne,we mull notonely abtlaine from.mca "e', totals committing thereof,butalto takeoccafion thereby ofdoing tes tempari+ the contrary vertue.Forexample,whenwe are tempted tovn- on vinofinne lawful pleafures,wemull not only abtlaine from thë,butalfo ofdoivgtbe: we are fomewhat to abridge our felues ofthole that be law- awurarte ful,and the more ferioufly and painfully to follow the works .v"14" ofourlawfull callings;whenwe are tempted to couetoufiìes,. we mull the moreearnef}ly exercife.the works ofinercie and chr f an liber.ality;when we arc tépted to ambition,w-e mutt not only refraine frôvainglory,but wemull labour after true. huniilitieond mortification, refuting not only vnlawfull ho-- nours,but tholealto which are lawfull, fooft as we haue iufl caufe to feare that Satan will (takingoccafion ofour. corrup tion)herebycaufe vs to forget God; when.we are tempted to neglect the hearing of Gods word. on theLords Sabbath, we are themore diligently to heave it, not only then, being. boundhereuntobyGods- commandctnent, as .being one of the chicle means offan&tifyingthis day eOnfecratedtoGods. fcruice; but.alfo on the weeke.daies, faze Lord glue vs fit.. oEportunitie: