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tt o6 Ofthegenerameasles ton-ithflandour f iritual1enemies 4 'ì', ,. deflrualion.Theweapóus which the affailantsvfe in this fight e are not the fword & fpeare,or anyother carnali furniture,but fpirituali temptations,wherby they feeke to intice, drawand prouokeman to fin,thatconfequ&ly he mayreceiue the wa- ges therofeuerlafling death.Theweapons whichÿ Chrifliatt fouldiervfeth to defendhimfelfe andrepel his enetnies,is the fpiritual armorbefore fpok en of,natnely,thegirdle ofverity, thebreafl-plate ofrighteoufnes,the knowledge& profeffion oftheGofpel ofpeace,the fhield offaith,the helmet offalua- tion,the fwordofthe fpirit,and feruentand effeeluall prayer. §.Sec1.2. Now in this conflidt of temptations, there ate firfl two oftvvo com. commonaffe6lions or generali properties tobee confidered mon apt -lions of theChriflian fouldiers manful' refiflance, or elfe hisfain- to redofiiiis tingand receiuing the Toile; for either he couragiouflie flan- nürituall con-_ dethvpon his defence, armed with the gracesofGods fpirit, fiCi and putteth Satan to flight by withflanding his temptati- ons ; or elfe being furprifedat unawares, whilefl hee is difar- medofthefe fpirituali weapons and Chriflian armour,hee is foiledby his fpirituall enemies,ycelding vnto their tempta- tions and falling into finne. ojthe fir.fa That we maywithfland our fpirituall enemie valiantlie in manes to all his temptations, andobtainea finali viTiorie, there are iritlienr certaine general means to be vfed;whichmay ferneas flrong ffiirituall ene- g mres,to wit, forts andbulwarkes,vntowhichwee may retire our felues as Gods cowman- often as we faint, andbe readie tòreceiue any difaduantage dement. in the fight. Firfl,we are continually tohaue inmemorie the commandementofour chiefe captainc Chrifl Iefus,vvhereby he tncitethvs toa continuali fight without fainting or yeel- Ephef.6.1o.xt. t i.Beflrong in the Lord,and in the po.verof hismtght.`Put on then;bolearmour ofGod, that yemay beable to :.Pet.5.8. fland again/l al theal ftis lts ofthediuel.And t .Pet.5.8.Tour ad- uerfarie thediuell asa roring lion rvall`ethaboutfeeling whom he The (èrond may deuoure.Whom refillfledfafl in thefaith. meancs,k.opeof Secondly, let vsbe incouraged to withflandour fpirituall vtclorie. enemies withaffuredhope ofviRlorie ;for we fight the Lords battels vnder the flandard of Iefus Chri(l, whofe power is omnipotcnt,and therfore able to defendvs,and toouerthrow our enemieswitha wordofhis mouth; whoatfo is ourhead and