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45 Ofgenerallmanes towithftanelour f irituallenemies. r c, ther thecounfell oftheApof}le giuen vs in this felfefame re- fpe61,Eph.4.27.Giue noplace to thediuell.Andas wife citizens Ephef.4.27i; beingbefieged, doe not let their enemies-fcale their walles and enter the towne,withapurpofe then to repel' andbeate thembacke againe;buttheywithfland them as foone as they giue the firít affault, and keepe them, if they can, from ap- proching neere their walles with fconces and bulwarkes:fo we are not to fuffer Satan our enernie and the troupes of his temptations toenter into our hearts, but to giue them the repulfe at-their firfl approching,lea it bee too lateafter- wardswhen they haue furprized and wounded vs with finne. Blefied are thcy therfore who take this Babylonifhbroodof Satans temptations and dafh them even whileft they are Pralm.137;,.., young againft the Bones, left waxing old and ftrong they furiouflyfight againft vs,and leading vscaptiuein thechains offinne, grieuoufly affiió andvexe vs.- SixtIy,ifwewouldnot bee furprized andfoiledbySatan, 4. 4: we mutt afterwe haue refitted him inone temptation,berea- TheAt means die prepared towithifand another,andafter we haue onceor is afier one twice giuen Satan the repulfe, wee arenot fecurely to giue 'temptation is our felues to reftas though the warre wereat an end:but we Pa(t to prepare muff continually expeó his returne with frefh fupplies, and ourfettles for prepare our felues fora newaffault, vfing the time of Satans another. - intermiffion,as abreathing time to recouer ftrength againfl the next encounter. And as fouldiers befieged after they haue fuftained one affault, and giuen their enemies there ppulfe,doe not fecurelygiue themfelues to idlenes and fleepe, but prepare all things readie for the next confli&, mending the breaches,and repairing thofeplaces which in the timeof fight they found to bemolt weake; fo when we haue with flood fome ofSatans temptations, and giuen him the re- pulfe,we arenot to giue our feluesto reti, fleeping in retch- leffe fecuritie, as though our enemies werequite ouercome, , but rather in the intermiflîonofthe fpirituall combat,weare toprepare our felues for the next affault, vfingall meanes to confirme our ftren th, eNhere wedifcerned in Si time offight that wee were molt weake, and more ftrongly to arme our fdeswith the fhield of faith and the fword-.of the fpirit, agáinRR . ry