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Tt o O f the general/tuednes to trithfandourfpiritstaltenemies. /` againt+ thofe temptations which we found mot+ forcible to r EPet4.g. preuaile againffvs. For our enemie like a roring lion Conti- nuallie rangeth about feekingwhom hee may deuoure, his malice wil neuer lethimreffibut euen then whenhe feemeth to entertaine a truce, heeis mot+ bufe in plotting meane's whereby hemay°worke-nuriirîal_l deflru&ion : and therefore wee are neuer more carefullie to{land vpon our guard, than when this enemie feemeth töproclaime a peace, or when he fteeth awayas thoughheWerevanquifhed; for whenhe tal- kethofpeace,he makethhimfelfe readie for thebattaile,and this wicked Parthian dothMore hurt in fying than in figh- ting. Here therefore the Chriflian fouldier mull aûoid two dangerouseuils :theone, that he doe not faint or yeeld in the timeof the fight ; the'other,that he doe notafter one vi- - 6toriewaxe infolent and le' cure:but when he hath once ouer- come,he is fotobehaue himfelfe as though he were prefent- lie againe to be affaúlted. For Satans temptations like the wanes ofthe fea doe follow one in the necke ofthe other, andwhen one is pafl, another is readie toouerwhelme vs, if like skilfull Pilots webenotreadie as well to breake the vio- lenceofthat which followeth,as ofthat which went before, Neither muffwe lookefor any found truce orfirme peace,til we haue the euerlalingpeace inGods kingdom;foras long as wee continue in this lifeour fpirituall enemies will Conti- nuallie affault vs :and therefore let vs neuer be fecure,vntill by death wehaue obtained a finali vidorie. Reafo? sto Andto theend that wee may the rather be perfvvaded to perfrade vs to continual! careand Chriflian perfeuerance in this fpirituall perleuerein fight unto the endofourliuesletvs confider. that Cods pro- figkrtingthis mifes and the crowne ofvié}orie are not romifed to thofe (j5irituallbat- p tell, that enter into this fpirituall fight, but veto thofe that conti- nuefighting,till they haue obtained a full viè}orie ouer their enemies. To him that ouercommethgillI'iue toBate ofthe tree Apoe. z.7.TO. oflife, Reu.2.y. Be thoufaithfull veto thedeath,and Ìbill Niue :X. s .and ;. thee the.croameoflife, Verf. to, Ho that ouercommethfhallnot 1' z s ' be hurt ofthe feconddeath. Verf. i 1. 'Tohim that ouercommeth xi ill Iglue toBateofthe Manna that is hid,&c. Verf.1y. He that ouercosnnàeth!hall beclothed in tbhite aray,andIwill notput out his .