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a 12 lO f thegenerallmanes toWithjiand our fJ iritual eem:e pheme God as Satan imagined, but like a good fouldiee after that hehad receiuedone blow,he didnot caí+away his íhield offaith and patience, as though hee had no further J neede ofit, but fill held it vp expe6lingmore, till the com- bat was ended ; whofe example wee muff imitate, if wee would obtaine vi&orie, and inioy the crowneofvioTtorq,e- ,uerlafling happines in Gods kingdom. Otherwife,ifwe íleep in fecuritieafter we haue giuen Satan one ouerthrow, wee (hall bePure to beaffaulted and furprifedberorewebe aware; poan.Riu..át- for as one faith, Diabolus vthlus g:±o ff vincit, euen whilefl the lint. diuell is vanquifhed,hee obtaineth vi&orie ; and therefore chrif. nonviftor magis gtsàm wattseit extimefcendus. Namapefe pro/gratum of liEtumgue rmulat,vt acriàa.r infurgat ; fugit vt in infidiaspertrahat a-dor:atur; palam cedit vt clam vincat : hee is no more to be feared whenhe ouercommeth, thanwhen he is ouercome; for oftentimes he fáineth him- felfe to bec foiled that heemay the more fearcely rerue the affault,heeflieth that he may drawvs into his arnbufl-m,nts, and affaile vs at vnawares; hee retirethopenly that heemay fecretly ouercome. Seuenthlie, ifwee wouldnot be circumuented by Satan, 4.Sec'S, we mufl not giue anycredit vnto himwhether hce lieth or Thefitment!' fpeaketh true, whether he accufeth or flattereth, whether he rneenes not to beleeuesa ìndeauoureth to puffe vs vp withpride and felfe conceite,or tansfugge whetherhe laboreth by aggrauating our fumes to plungevs flions. into thegulfeofhellifh defpaire ; forheabodenot in the truth loin844. becauf there isno truth inhim. When hefpeaketh a lie he fpea- keth orbit oxne, for he is a lierand thefather thereof, as it is, Ioh.R.44.And ifat any time he fpeake the truth, it is to the end he maybe thebetter creditedwhenhe lieth:Namverum dtcit vt fallat, blanditur vt noceat, bona promittit vt maims tribuat, vitampolliceturvt perimat, he fpeaketh the truth that he may deceiue, heflattereth thathee mayhurtvs,he promi- feth good things that hemagigiuèvs euill, he promifcth life that he maykillvs. And therefore we arenot tobeleeue the truth it felfe,becaufehe fpeakes it,butbecaufe it is grounded onGods word; nor to receiue it fromhismouth as hisaffer- tion,but fromthe mouth ofGod,and hisholy Prophe's and Apoflles, l ea.