Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

".Ifthe erallmeaner towithtand ourfpir ituallenemies. Ill nameout ofthe600ke 'ofli fe: cap.3 . s. To him that ouercom-- methwill Igrant to ¡twith meinmy throne,euen as .Feuercame andFt with my father in his throne As it is vert.2E. So that it is not fuffiicient that we enter the lifts and fuftaine the fir(} and fecond encounter,ifafterwards wee fhamefullie forfake the flandard ofChriit and cowardlie runne away, or elfe tray_ teroutlie yeeld vnto finne and Satan : but ifwee would bee made partakers ofGodsprontifes,wee mutt ouercome, that is, obtaine a full viaorie ouer the flefh, the world, and: the diuell. There is none triumpheth for making his enemies once or twice to retire,or for getting thebetter in fotneskir-_ mifh ; .becaufe they may gather their difperfed forces, and ioine with them new fupplies,and fo gluing frefh afi'ault,, obtaine vió orie : but thofe onelie triumph who obtaine a full vi&orie ; neither (hall any triumph in the kingdome of glórie, who refia Satan in one temptation onely or bridle one luti ofthe fleflr, but they who fubduethem finallie and wholly,not oncealone;but unto the end oftheir liues; for as:. it fallethout in worldlie warres,oftentimes the enemie doth retire backe,and counterfetteth a flight, to the end theother maypurfue him fecurelieand diforderlie with full of utrance ofvi.aorie; and thenhee makes a-Eland andreuniting all his forcesdoth ouercome his retchle-Ife enemie : fo oftentimes Satan faineth .himfelfe to be put to flighe,to the end wemay conceiuean opinion of his great weakenes, andour. owne inuincible ftrength,and fo be brought tonegligence. andfe- curitie; and then hee knits together' all his force, and ouer-.. throweth vswhen weeareretchleflie fecure fearingno dan- ger,Yea fometimes he is in truth foiled butyet not foasthat- he will furceafe his fight for if he cannot preuaile one way,, hewil trie another,fo longas our continuance in this earthly . weake tabernacle giueth,him any hope ofouercc.mming or foilingvs : and therefore, weare alwaies to fland. -upon our guard,and tokeepe our(landingcontinually., watching and prepay ingour felues againfl the freíh affaultsofour fpirituall enemies. If Io$ had been fecure after hee had refittedSatans firfl temptation, in taking away hisoxen, ailes and theepe furelie thofe which followed would haue made him blaf -, pheme.