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I3 4 O f thegeneraltmeanes towithflandourfpiritua_ll eíerS feare the temptations, as that we doe not fecurelie contemne' them;and not fomuch feare them,as that we fhould defpaire ofvic`lorie : let vsfeare them fo much as that therebywe be furred vp with more care &diligence to rena andouercome them ; but not fomuch as that we fhould cowardlyfaint, di- firuflingGodshelpeaet vs feare them in refpe&ofourweak- neffeand their violence,hut let vsboldly flriueagainathetn; truffing inGods almightiepower &merciful promifesofhis aide and aflìftance,being hereby allured ofcertainevi&orie. 4.Setii. 7. Laffly,ifwe would withiland Satan,wc mull obie& our Sa- Tbeninth uior Chrift againffal his temptations:for ifwe applyhim vn- tneanes,to ob- to vs bya liuely faith, hewil be our fheeld and buckler to de- iei chri{t a- fendvs fromall Satans blowes. For example, ifSatan tell vs gatio all temp- that we are miferablc (inners, & therfore inthe fate ofdam- M atth.q. i3. nation;we are toanfwere that our Sauior Chrift carneinto the Efa.S34. worldtofacefanners, & that hewas wounded for our Iranfgref- on.F,&brokenfor our iniquities &c. and with hrs'tripes we are 2.Cor. g.2I. healed:andfo. he rehichknew nofn, was made fannefor v-t,thatwe. might be made therOteoufnes ofGodinhim. Ifhe faywee are Gal.3.13, fubicdf to the curfe ofthe law; weareto anfwere that Chrifi hash redeemed vs from the curfe ofthe law when heryas made a curfefor vs. Ifhe obied that we are fubieof to Gods wrath; weare to tel him -that Chri;f did bearehis fathers difpleafure, Còl. I.21.22: that he might make our peace:and whereas-we-were ftrangers andenemies,becaufeour minds werefet on millworkes,hee bath now rec;ciled vs inthebody ofhisfielh.throughdeath. Ifhe tel vs thatwe are hisbondflaues;we are to anfwer, that we were fo r.Corr30. indeed in time paff,but our Sauior Chriff hath paied vntohis father theprice ofourredemption,&bath let vs free.Ifhe af= firme that we are vniuft,and thereforefhal be condemnedbe- foreGods iudgement feate;we are to anfwer that Chriff who was innocent was condemned,that wewho are guilty might be acquited; that thoughwe are wicked inour felues,yet we are moff iuff.beingclothed with his righteoufines ; ÿ he that came to fade vs,fhal corn to iudge-vs,and therefore weneed not doubt ofinercy,ifwepleadehismerits forfaking theplea ofour own righteoufnes,and renouncing al felfe confidence. Ifhe fay that we fhallbe held.captiue ofdeath and neuer rife to