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0 5 Ofthegenerall meaner to rt ithfi'and ottrfpiritraalletremiès. to takepoffe(fion ofour heauenlie inheritance; we are to an- fwere that our Sauiour Chri fl bath broken the bonds of death,andlead captiuitiecaptiue; that hee is rifen againe,be.. ing the firfl fruiter ofthem that flept, and is afcended into Iohn.r4.s; heauen, toprepare vs a place there. Ifhee obieo`l that Chri all his benefits doe not appertaine vnto vs, for euerie man (hall liue byhis owne righteoufleffe, and the foule that Ezech. iS. finneth (ball die the death ; wee are to anfwere that by the fpirit ofGodand aliuely faith,Chrifl is become our head and we his,inembers,fo that he is oursand we his,andour fins he bath takenvponhim,& bellowed onvs his righteoufnes; he isbecome our husbandandwe his fpoufe, and therfore'as he 'bath cómunicated hirnfelfvnto vs,fo likewifeal his-benefits, his merits,righteoufnes,fan&ificatió,& eucrlafling happines. But ifSatan will not thus beanfwered,we are not to en- tertaine any further difputation with him,but to fendhim to our Sauiour Chrifl who hath takenvpon him to be not oiilie our redeemer and our mediatour and interceffor vntoGod his father, but alfoour aduocate to pleade our caufe and to 4.Sea.g. anfwere all fuites made againfl vs both byGods iuflice and That to auoide the handwriting ofthe law, and alto by Satan and all his satansimpor- adherents, as it is i,Ioh.z.i. Seeing therefore our 'Sauiour tenity,irerauff roué to i pure Chrifl who is the wildome ofhis father, hath taken vpon kith himnd him the defence ofourcaufe in all our fuites, Iet not vs ourfendhim to our felues beouerbufie in difputing with this wrangling fophi- aduocate. lier, but fendhimfor ananfwere to our Sauiour Chrifl who Ioh.s.r. hath fullie fatiffied his fathers iuflice in all .which ithad a- gainf}vs,and cancelled thehandwritingofthelaw,whereby we were obliged andbound,and therforemuch more able is he to anfweral accufationswhich this cauelling acculer bath againflvs. Neither are we todoubt but that our Sauiour will be ouraduocate to pleade our caufe, efpeciallie confidering that it dothprincipally concerne himfelfe,and his owne glo- rieand i1fficiencie. For the'queflions andcaufes controuer- fall betwene vs and Satan, arenot about our owne worthi- neffe,merits, riighteoufnefhe,and fatifraólions,all which wee renounce and cal} away from vs as polluted cloutes, in re- fpe6t ofbeinganie caufes ofour iufliificationandfaluation: Ii but