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It 8 .Hòty theChiVi6tx beingfoiledmay berai fd. flïeleth the woundwe applythe cure,it will neuer bemortar vntovs ; but ifwe let the poyfonofhis temptations runne in our mindes and neuer thinke .ofany remedie,though at the firfi it feemedbut a finall fcratch, it will fo inflame our con- fciences with fcorchingheate,that theywill afterwards very- hardly admit of any cure. When therefore. Satandoth call into our mindes his temptations, let vs repell them, and in- deuour toquench themwhilefl they bebut finall fparks-: for Our corruptmindes are like vnto tinder, and Satans tempta- tions like the-fire :-and therefore if in (lead ofputting them out weblowvpon them, though theybe but as a fmall fpark at the firft,withinawhile they.will.increa.fe toanunquench- able flamewhich will torment our confciences withfcorch- ingheate: neither is thereanythingbut thebloodofChrifl, and the water ofthe fpirit which will extinguifh this wade, fire, whenonce ithath takendupehold.onvs.. ,..:.._.._.__.._..._..,._..__.._.,_ CHAP. XXIII. Roty theChriflianbeingfoiledbySwans temptationsmay bee, raifedagaine. Ndthefeare the meattes whereby the Chrifliarr> fouldier may be fir.engthenedand incouraged to fland in the conïba-te of temptations. Sut fometimes it commeth to paffe that by reafon they negle& thefe meanes, orelfe doenot fo carefullyvfe themas they íhould, they are foiled by Satan, -ouercome by his, temptations; and led captiue vnto finne. How. therefore mull the Chriflian thus ouertaken behaue himfelfe ? furely he is not defperatly to-callaway all hope of vi&prie, and cowardly toyeeidhiinfelfe to bee the flaue of . Satan, lying - contentedly in the chairres of finne, without; a.nydeliire or indeuour- -of comming out of his -captiuitie butbeing fallen hee is tolabour andflriue that hee mayrife againe, andbeing taken prifoner by finne andSatan, hee is . not willingly to remaine intheirbonds, but carnally to de- -- fire hisfzgedcmc-andlibertie.:. Nov