Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

O f thegenerallmeow towithfizandostrf'iritssallenemies. 117 fuffcr them (as it were) to takevp their lodging, by reuol- uing them in our thoughts, nor toMeditate too earneflly on them, but rather on the preferuatiues which may flrengthen vsagainfl their violence ; neither are we fo ferioufly to think onSatans obieól ions, as that in the meane time wee forget how to anfwere them. For example, when he fettethbefore our eies the ha,inoufnxeffe ofour finnes, wee are not to bend all our thoughts to meditate and call tominde all our finnes bothnew andòid, bothwhichwe haue fallen into through infirmitie,and whichwee hauewillinglie committed;for fo thehuge cloudofourfinnes being neere our cies, will hide from our ,fight the fhining beanies of Gods mercie and Chrifls merit, though they are without comparifongreater: but as foone as weecall one eie vpon our finnes for our hu- miliation, let'vs- call the otherprefentlie vpon Chr Il Iefus whohath paied the priceofour redemption, and fufferedall the punifhment whichwe byour finnes had deferued. For if when this fierie ferpent Satan hath flung vs with the Bingoffinne,we fpend our time in lookingupon the wound, and neuer thinke vpon theremedie, euen the truebrafen fer- pent Iefus Chritl hanging on the croffe : the poifon offinne will fo inflame our confciences, that thewound will prooue mortall,which at thefirfl might eafilyhaue beencured,ifwe would haue applied thereunto the precious balme of our Sauioursblood. Sowhen Satan fetteth before our eyes our owne wickednes and infirmities, to the endwe may dcfpaire of vi6torie, as being neuer able to withfland finch firong temptations,weeare not to fpend our timein thinking here- upon, but prefentlie to call to minde the almightie power of God who Nadi promifed vs his aífìflance in this fpirituall fight. So when he obie6leth vnto vs the iufliceand wrathof God,in punifhingoffinne, and the curfeofthe law and tor- ments ofhell prepared for the damned ; wee are not over feriouflie to reuolue thefe things in our mindes; but pre- fentlie to call to mindeGods infinitmercie and Chrifls me- rits,whereby Gods iuflice is fullie fatiftïed, his wrath appea fed,the curfeofthe law cancelled,and we made offire brands ofhell heires ofheauen. And thus ifas Toone as Satan in- I 3 fli&&eth That tre muff not rumba in our mindes Sa- tans tempta- tions,but ra- ther meditate on the contra- riepreferita- tiues.