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-'r,+a.t,r -:;á,,;, xislsir&; x :s3W;.rsa,,.;... x s % How the Chriftiati 6emgMeaty, be ruffed the end, and then the defireofgrace is thegrace it felfe ; the delireoffaith isfaith; the delireofrepentance is repentance; notinitownenature,-butinGods- acceptation, whoaccep teth the will for thedeede. 4, Sea.4. And in truth this is the chiefe perfe6 iorrofour righteouf.. The cbri(tians nes,when aswe feele our imperfeslions,and labour camel-fly perfe6tion con- after more:perfe&Zion:for,Chríf ianiflmrss potins affeff quane fillet' in deft- ofè hi :Weare Chrillians rather in our affe&ionsand delres, ringa tabou- than iii our workes andabilities : neitherBoth the Lordbe- ringafterper- fe ho. f+ow vpon his children the full meafure ofhis fpirit and the graces thereofin this life,but onely the firfl fruites,which are as it were_but an .handfull ofcorne in refpe& of the whole field;and the earnefl to affure vsofthe reíl; which is but asa peny in refpe&ofmany thoufands, which are confirmedun- tovs thereby,as theApoille fpeakethRom,8.23. 2.Cor.1.22. and S.S. Trueittsindeede thatGodlefloweth his fpirit and the graces thereofvpon force ofhis children in greater meafure, andvpon forcé in leffe,euen as the firll fruites maybe agrea- ter or lefferhandfull,and the earnef+ is fometimesa peny,and fometitiics à Ihilling;fometimes more and foinetinies leffe; but yet the greateflmeafure which any recciuc, is butas an handfull of the firfl fruites;andan earnefl -pent' in refpe&of theMaine, futnme and-full meafure, which the Lord bath herebyafütred vs that hewilbellowvpon vs in his kingdom: andhee that hath receiued the leaf+ earnefl,hath as full and perfe&affuranceofthe wholebargaine,whichGodhath co- a make good the nature ofan. earrnefl towhich he greateU,acc meafure ofgrace here receiued is compared. Butwherein doth this tneafiireofgrace and chiefeperfe &ionof a Chrillian confifl in this life? Surelie, not in their workes,for theyareall itnperfeál, and fo full ofcorruptions that they are odious inGodsfght,being confidered in them_ felues,and oxaminedby the rule ofhis exa& iuf ice ; neither in their inherent righteoufnes, andbegun fan&ification, for when theyareat theholiefl they are polluted with . the re liques:oforiginal+ corruption, whichbring foorth the fru is of R0111.8.13. x.Cor. I.13. andSS.