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o flow the Chriflanbeingfoiledmay be railed, r a3 vfà6ìuall tranfgreflions,and makevs vnablc to doe the good t e would,in that marier and meafure which we fhould, and thereforothofe which are moti righteous arenot in this re fpeéi.acceptabletoGod :but herein the perfe&ion olaChri- iiianconfifieth, when as teeinghis imperfeaions, wantsand finnes, he is grieued and-trulie humbled with the fight and fenfe ofhis ovine miferieand wretchedneffe;and difclaitning, and reieding his ovine righteoufnesandgoodworkes, doth fleevnto our SauiourChrift,hungringafter his righteoufnes, and by a liuelie faith applying vnto his wounded fou} .his merit and obedience,' dóth.looke for faluarion in him alone; and laf}lie, when as inobedience tohis commandement,and intrue thankfulnes forhis infinite mercies he bathan earnefa defire toglorifiehis name, bya godlyandChrifiian life,íiri- Hingand endeuouring conrinuallie toforfake his finnes, to morifiehis'corruption, and,to attaine untomore and more perfeion in righteoufnes and h:olines...Eor, Maxima pars Chriftianifmi ert toto peEtore vellefieri Chriflianum; It is the reatefl part ofChriftianitie to defire with the wholehart to. become a Chriftian. Ifthereforewe doe keepe the couenantofthe Lord,nay,if§Sec`i, f., we but thinkevponhis commandements,to the end we may doe them, thelouing kindnes of the Lord fhall endure for euer vponvs as it is Pfal, io 3.17:18. ifwe can from our harts . fay,withgoodNehemiah, Nehem.i..i 1,.0 LordZ6efech thee Nehema.i z. . let thine earenowhearken to theprayer afthyfruant,and to the prayer ofthy f ruantswhodelire tofeare thy name, the Lordwill heare vs indeed and graunt'our requefis. Ifwith theProphet :_ Davidwe hauebut a refpeol toGods commandements,with- a care to fulfill them;we fhal not be confounded, as it is Pfal. Pfaff, cz9,6, n9.6. Ifwee but defire to-obeyGodscommandement, the Lord will accomplifh our defire, andquicken: vs inhis righ- 40. teoufhes, thoughwebedull, yea dead vnto all goodnefle, as irisverf..4o. Ifwith theApofile -Paulwe -doe the cull which' Rom..7, we would not,and confentto-the law that itis good,deli gh- tang therein in the. inner man-; then though we are with him led captivevnto Iinne,yet it is not wee thatoffend, but Pinne .& vs,that is,our old man,our corrupt,andvnre enerate: