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now theChr4é4nbeingfoiledmayberaifed. 12 9' Redeemer in thewaiesofrighteoufies vntohis kingdomof lory,but halt and tumbleeuery fiep through our infirmitie :andweaknes;yet ifwe haucan carnet±de :re ofcômirgafter him,thenfurely he that hathgiuen thisineflimable price for our redemption,wil not now leaue vs in thehands ofhis and our enemies;but will feedvs withthetoodeofhis word and Sacraments, and f}rengthenandsupport vs withhis holyfpi- rit,inablingvswith thegraces thereofto follow hisaeps,till hauing obtained full libertiewee arriue at his'kingdome of euerlaf}ingglorie. Laf}ly, that I may fit -the fimilitude to the fpirituall con- §,Sag, fli6i whereofwe fpeake. Ifwe haue an carrel}defire ofouer- That thole are ,comming oar. fpirituall enemies , and withi}anding their ch Jisfoi d- temptations, whereby they labour todrawvs to finne ; 'wee diirs who hale may beaffuredwee areChrii}s íouldiers, how weakly foeuer (;umr rzf ( their We fight when we come to-the incounter.For though a foul- fp),.àruall ent- dicr through ficknesbe fo irzfecbed that he cannot weld his nits. weapon again,{} the enemie : yet if:-teemarch forward, and íhewa couragious heart and carnet} defire to ouercome, it will herebyplainlyappeare that lice is faithfull tohis Cap- taine, andTherefore hee ±ball receiue his pay, though at the fir{} onfet his Inns fhould faint vndcr him. And fo ifthrough finne we haue our fpirituall man foweakned,that he is ready to faint at the fir{} incounter with our fpirituall enemies, yet ifwe march under Chrifis f}anderd,andfightthe battailes of the Lord ofhoses, hauing an earnef}defirecuen aboue our lrength to ouercome- our enemies, furelyChrifi our grand Captainewill acknowledgevsfor his fouldiers,and wit giue vsour pay, eueri a crowne ofvi6 orie : and feeing hispower isomnipotentand his loue incomprehenfible, we maymake lureaccount that ifin the fight wee receiue a foile, hee will >fiandouer vs to defendvs with the fhield of his prouidence and raifevs vpagaine; yea ifwebe taken prifoners and leda- way captiueby finne and Satan, hee will refcueand deliner vs. There is no difcredit accreweth toa fouldier by receiving wounds,orbybeingby wrefifiableviolence taken prifoner; nay rather itargueth his valour, and fheweth that the inuin- cible-courageofhisminde Both farre furpaífe theweak force IC cif