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128 now theChr f ianbeingfoiledmay beraifed. 'be freed from the (flares offinne, and whenwee cannot free our felues byour own .power;doe as it were blëate, and after ourfheepifh manner implore the helpe ofourcarefull fhep- heard; crying out with the Apoí+le Paul(that bleffed fheepe Rom 7.24. ofChrifl) Wretched man that Lon, who Jhall deliuer mefrom the bodieofthis death.? asit is Rom: .24.thenwill our louing Thep-héard Iefus Chrift in hisgood time come and loofe vs, and ifwith'ílrugling-in the briars offiünewe are fo difabled that we cannot goe, he will takevslike the ftraied fheepvp- onhis fhoulders,and carrie vsby thev,aies of rightcoufileffe into his fheepfoldof euerlafting happine(fe. Neither can it ,pofiîblybee that our heavenly fhepheard, who of purpof1 came into theworldto feekevs rhilefl wee were loft, and fpent three and thirtie yeeres in following and finding vs, whowere wandringand ftraied fheepe, "crying and calling vntovs euen till he became hoatce"with loud cries, andpaf- fing thorow the thbrnie waies oftroubles and-perfecution, till hehad fhedhis preciousMood, andfinally laiddownhis life for our fakes; fhould now turne away his eyesand flop his eares whenhis fheepedefireto follow him,andearneftlie implore hishelpe,lnding theirowìte weakneffe and vnabili- tie to come fo fwiftlyw him as they fhould. The Lord is our Sauiour andRedeemer,whohath notfpa- redhis owne precious blood, but hath giuen it tohis Father as theprice ofour redemption,that weemightbee deliuered out ofthecaptiuitie ofthe diuel,inwhichwewere detained, z.Tim.s.6. as it is i .Tim.2.6. If thereforewe hauea fenfe ofour captiui- tie,and a defrre to be let at libertie,beingwearie ofour mife- rie,andvnwiHing to flayany longer in this cruell bondage; our Sauiour Chriftwill redeeme vs, for to this endheecame .Luk.4.jB. into the world,asappearethLuk.4.i 8.And thoughlike vnto poore captiues who (hauing long time been clogged with heauiebolts andgalledwith thong chaines) haue their liras fòbenummed and fore, that they cannot goe after they are freedout ofprifon ; fo we, after wehaue longbeen detained in Satans captiuitie, fearedwith chainesof fume, and clog= gedwiththe heauie bolts ofour corruptions,bee fo galled and benummed, that wee cannot f\vifilyfollow Chriíi our Redeemer