Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

0 THE CONTENTS.. 86 CPAP. XIX. . now Satan allureth vs into hainous/innes by degrees, and horn wemay withftand his tentations. 87 ¡Ion, hee laboureth to drawmen out ofoncextreme into ano- ther. CHAP. XX. RowSatanmoouet hvs topropoundhadends togoodanions. 90 Howhe mooueth vs to vfe mill meanes, for theofeCtingofgood ends. 91 ,howhe tempteth vs tobeproudofourvertues. 92. CHAP.XXI. Ofthemanner ofSatansfight. e4nd how he taketh all aduan- tages againfl vs. 93 Kalb hee tempteth vs molt dangeroufly when wee are molt fe- cure. 94 That heit neuer wearie in of wilting vs. 94 Row he oftenchangethhis temptationsfor his betteradvantage; andthat this diprobable f gne he doth notpremaile. 95 RovSatan crf nulteth vs immediately himfelfe. 97 Ron, he tran.;formeth himfelfeinto an Angelloflight. ibid. That he ismolt to befeared Inhenhe mole flattereth. 98 .Holt Satan vfeth the world as his in/Irument to intice vs to finne. 100 ,Howhevfeth our owne f efll as his infirument, and of the mani.. foldaduantages that he taketh hereby. I oi Rowwe mayauoidedanger,though we cannot difcerne_Satan: tentationsfromour oane lufs. 103 ,How Satans fuggefttons may bee difcerned from our owne lulls. 104 CHAP. XXII. Ofthecommonafeîtionsof thisfpirituallconflia : namely, the Chrillians/landing in tentation andmanfizll refillance; and his falling in the timeoftrial/. I o6 Ofthegenerallmeaner whereby the Chrifltan may be enabled to with,land the tentationsofhis f irituallenemies. I o6 1. Tomeditateon Codscommandment, ettcoura irçg him to this fight. i o6 z.Affured EotySatan tempteth the/trongChri/tian.