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THE CONTENTS. 2.e.lured hope ofviaorie. ioS 3. To bealwaies in readineffe. 10 4. To take occafonofSatans tentations vetoAnte, ofdoing the contrarie vertue. 107 5. To refill the tentationwhenit isfirflffgefled. i o8 6. Topreparehimflfe for another tentation when one is pall: where altofilch reafonsarelet down as mayperfiradehim to per(mere in thisfight. 7. Not to beleeueSatans f uege fiions. 1 1 2 8. Neither todefpife Satans tentations, nor too deeply to oppre- lend them. 113 9. Toobiel Chrifl ag-ain/lall tentations. i i io.To ¡canedrfputingwith Satan, and tofendhim toouraduo.. 4 cate, /eras Chri/l. i i.Tabufeonr felt/es continually inholy & honefl exercifes.i r 6 12. Not to reuolueSatans tentations,but to meditateon thecon- trariepreferuatiues. 117 CHAP. XXIII. Ofthe Chriflians falling into tentarion,andofthemeaneswhere- bybeingfoiledhemaybe raifed agame : namely, f tith, andre- pentànce. /18 Confolations for thole that bewaile their want offaith and re- pentance. DO they are to know that the delre ofGodsgraces is acceptedfor thegraces which they delre. 120 3. That Satanpreuaileth agáinflvs, not by his abfolute power kitby Codr permiflion,whowonldnotInfer this but one/yfor his ewne glorieandourfpirituallp-ood. 131 That horror, feareand defpaire folloltng- ourfalles,aróue oar diffidence in Godandfelfe-confidence. 135 3. The lafl confolatioutakenfrom experience which wehaste had ofthe Lordsafflance. 135 THE CHIEFE POINTS HANDLED in the fecondBooke. CHAP. I. 4nfreres to thof tentations of Satan, whereby heeprrfradeth carnal¡men ofGods laue, 138 Temporal!