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That our vnrvortbinesPrllnot malevsdoubt ofGodloue. rç jinnes,accordrng tohis richgrace. 8. Whereby hehashbeenabun- dant towards vs in allwiledomeand vnderfbanding. So that our redemptionwas notfree vntoour Sauiour Chrif}, for it coil him the ineilimableprice ofhismoti preciousbloud ; but it was freeunto vs,without any refpeót ofour works and wor- thineffe. For wewere like defperate debters,deeply ingaged vntoGod, and not able to pay the leaf+farthing; and there- forewere cal/ into theprifon ofeuerlaf}ing death,there to detained til wehad difcharged the whole debt:whichbeing impoffible vntovs,itpleafed our Sauiour Chrrifl ofhismeere pitie and free good«ill tobeco±ne our furetie, and to make fullfatisfa&iion tohis father, euen to the leaf} mite, that fo wemight be rcleafed and let free.We were al ofvs miferable captiues, held in the thraldome offinne, Satan anddeath, unable to:deferue in anymeafùre to be let at libertie ; for we were the childrenofwrath,whowere not lickonly,but euen dead in ourfinnes,as it is Eph.2.i.5.But our Sauior Chrift of Ephef. z.1.3. his vndeferued loue didpay the price ofour redemption,and fet vs out ofourcaptiuitie, quickning and railingvs vp from finne tonewneffe oflife;astheApoffle fetteth it downe Eph. 2.3, Andyou were by nature thechildren ofwrath as wellas o- Epheí t.3.4: thers. q.. But Godwhich is rich in mercie, throughhisgreat lame 'herewith he lowedvs, 5, Essen whenwe weredeadbyfnzzer,hath quickened vs together in Chri.f, by whofe graceyee are famed, 6.And bathrailedvsvp together inheasuenlyplaces in Chr f le- faas: 7. That he might (hem inages to come the exceeding riches ofhis_grace, throughhis kiindnefe towardsvs in Chriff lefiu. So that there is no worthineffe in ourfelueswhich the Lord re- fpe6led,for we wereall alike the childrenofwrath,anddead in our finnes;but onelie ofhis free mercie andgreat loue, he bath redeemed vs byChrifl. Fourthly,as the Lordhath freelicredeemedvs, fo altohee 4Se! .4. hath freely called vs to the knowledgeofthe myflerie ofour oxrvverthi- redemptionwrought byIefus Chrifl,and chofenvs amongfl nes awife of all nations to be hisChurch andpeculiar people,and that of our caJlixg his meere grace and free good will, without anyrefpe6 of our worthines,as appeareth 2.Tim.i.9.whohathfamedvs,aid z.Tim.i.9. calledvswithanholy calling,not according toearli2orkes,but ac- L 4 cording