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Deut,7.7;g. Our worlr and R-tl i'tbincke no taujcs ofour Iu iéf1cat¡Oit. Rom. 3.24.. Tit.3. 7. I.5 2 That ourvnworthintt/hould,,t m4Iav.rdoubt ofGods lone, cording tohis owne p erpafeofgracewhich wasgi. envs through Chris? lefise before the *oddwas. So Mofs telleth the chil- dren ofIfael, that the Lord had called and made choice of them aboueall other nations to bee his Church and people, not for any refpedt ofthemfelues,or theirowneworthineffe). but of his free loue andvndeferued mercie, as it isDcut.7., 7.8. Pfa1.44.3- FiftIy,as the Lord hath freely called vs,fo beingcalled he hath freely iuflified vs:not forany inherent righteoufheffe in our felues,but ofhis owne grace and good will,through the righteoufneífe and obedience ofIefus Chrifl which he im- puteth untovs. And this is euidk't Rom.3.24.where it is Paid, that weare iuflifiedfreely6y Godsgrace,through the redemption which it in Chris? Iefiu. And Tit.3.7.w-here theApoffle faith, that Pee are iusi fiedby hisgrace. And left wee fthould ioyne with Godsgrace our own works and worthineffe, he telleth vs that Abraham himfelfc,though a moil righteousand holy man in refpedl of his finceritie and integritieof heart, was notwithflanding not iuflified byhisworkes, but tArraham beleeuedGod, and that was imputedvetohim forrigbteoufreffe, Rom.4.3:&verf.5_he flatly excludeth works from beingany caufes ofour iuflification; Tohim (faith he) tliat worheth.not, but beleetsethin him that iu/!ifleth.:bevrgodly, hisfaith is coup_ tediforrighteoufrt'ffe. So that wee are freely iuflifiedofGods grace and goodwill, without any refpe&l ofour owne works . andworthinefe, as being any caufes of our 'uglification, al- though theyare necefhärie and infeparable fruites thereof. For the fame death andbloudilierdd ofChrifl,wherebywe are freed from theguiltandpunifhment offinne and euerlafling death, doth free vs ado from the death offin to newneffe of life,and doth not onely iuflifie but:alfo fanóti4e vs, as the A- poll]e plainly 11 eweth,Tit.2.14,Whogauehimfelfefor f vs ,tha: he might redeemevsfrom alliniquitie,(that is, free vs from the guiltand punifhtnent offinne to whichwe were fubie6)and pep vs tobee apeculiar people vitto himfelfe, z?alozu ofgood soorkes. Six.tiy, our fin&ifiication. and inherent' righteoufheffe it elfe, lat is,it_els gift ofGod, begunsincrcafed, and: