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4.Secri.d. Our owne wor- ihine/f 'e no 4aujen f sur jaluation. Rom.6.z? Eph.i.8. a.Tim.t.9. 714 That our vnworthines fhuldnot malevsdoubt o fGods loses, andpeaceable minde labour after the increafeofgrace, vfng all good meanes ordained of God for this purpofe,fubmit- ting our felues,in regardof meafure ofgrace which wee doe d.efire;to his goodwill and pleafure,whowill difpofeof all fo,as !ball be moil for his glory and our good.And in any cafe let vs beware that wee doe not fo impatiently and vio- lentlydefire increafe ofmore grace, as that in the meane time we forget tobe thankfull to God for that wehaue, tur- ning our longs ofpraifc for Gods great benefits, into mur- muring& repining. Let vs not be like vnto rich miters, who haue their mmdes fo intent vpon the getting'ofthatriches theyhaue not,as that they forget to enioy'and take comfort .ofthat theyhaue; letvs not referable thofe vnthankfull men, whowhen theyhaue receiuedmany benefits,doe í1i11 delire more, and when their delires are notprefently fatisfied,vn- gratefullymurmureagaintl their benefaótorsas though they had receiued nothing :but let vs make vfe ofthofe graces whichwehauereceiued to Gods glorieandour comfort; let vs deliremore,that wemay more glorifie himwithhis owne gifts; and thoughour delires benotprefently fatisfied, let vs not fall into itnpatiencie,but fubmit our felues vnto hisgood will andpleafure, and be truly thankful' for that portionof grace, which it hath pleafed himofhisabundant mercie to bellowvponvs. Lafily,our faluation it idle dependeth not vpon our owne worthines,but vponGods freemercie and vndeferued loue; for faluation is the free gift ofGod,andnot thewages ofour owne worthineffe, asdeath is thewages offinne, as appea- rethRom.6.23. And treearefagedby grace throughfaith,and that not ofour f lees; it is thesift ofGod,as it isEph.2.8. And the Apofile tellethvs,Tit.2.r1. that thegraceof Godbringeth faluation,and teachethvs todente vngodbnejeand worldly lulls, andthat wee'heuldlice foberly and rigbteouJly sndgodly in this prefent world: fo that ourforfaking finne and embracingho- line% and righteoufneffe is not the caufe ofour faluation, but the grace of God, by which all thefe effeìs are alto wroughtinvs. But mollplaine is that ofthe Apoille 2.Tim.. I.9.where he excludeth our owne works andworthineffe,to the