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batottrvnworthimetfhotildmot mal,evrdosa4t ofGods!oue.ig.S theendhe might afcribe the whole workeofour faluation to Godsgrace andgoodwill.whobathfamedVI (faith he)not ac= cording to omr worber,bmt accordingtohis own p,vrpo jeandgrace. SoTit.;.S.,ATot by the worksofrighteomfneffe whichwehad done, Tit 3.1+ bait according t o his merciehe f imedw,by the wafhingof t he ne\ birth-,andrenuin7 ofthe holy Ghof. Seeing therefore Gods, loue is not ggrounded vpon our owne worthineffe;feeing heele6}eth,redeetneth,calleth, iu_- ílifieth, fan6lifieth, andfinally faueth vs ofhis meeremercie andfreegoodwill, withoutany refpe61ofourown meritsor goodworkes,lct vs not reflraine the infinite loue ofGod to our deferts, nor meafure his vntneafurable goodwill bythe íhort ell ofour owne merits ; but as the Lord bath freely lo- uedvs, fo lct vs acknowledge loue, and relie wholly thercupon,notwithílandingour vnworthi-- ncife,feeing our worthineffe is nocaufe of his loue, but it is his loue whichmaketh vs,andwill furclymakevs worthie to be beloued,ifwe reí} wholly vpô him in Chrill bya true an& lively faith. For fomuch as we defpairein refpe6}ofour own' vnworthinefle,fo much wouldwee afcribe toourowne wor-- thincffe; and looke `h-ow niuchwe attributevetoour felues in the worke of our faluation, fo much wee, detra from- Gods free mercieand Chrifls merit :.and- therefore let vs humbly acknowledge our owne vnworthineí%,andbecome nothingin our owuc eyes, that wee- may whollyrelie vpon God:that hemaybeall iii all.For wel-worthy are we to thiríl ifweleaue. the fountaine oflii;ing waters,, and dig vnto our feluesbroken ceflernes whichwill hold.nowater; well w-or- Tcre.z.z . thie are we to fall into the guileofdefpaire,ifwefprfake the firme pillar ofour faluation Gods mercie andChriÍsmerit, relying and ref}ingvpon thebroken, flaffe ofour ownerigh- teoufne e; well worthieare we to be damned, if'Vvee envie - theLord the praife andglorieof ourfàluatiön,defiring ra- ther to afcribe it vnto our feines. But here the tempterwil obie&that God is i tiff, and tiler- 4.Sea.7 tore in his iuflicc cannot loue,ele6t, iuflifie andfate' vs who arevnworthìehis loue, polluted with fi'nne,and del}ittrte of righte.oufiieífe.I anf`\-cre,that Goddoth not loue,eleef,iufli-- fie