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Temporallaf fliliions,no truefgnesofGodshatred. t 57 And therefore not trufling in our owne worthineffe, nor yet diarufling inGodsmercie and free loue in regardof our vnworthineflè, let vs call offall felfe-conceit and opinion of our ovine righteoufneffe, fo that wee mayput on the rightc-- oufheflè ofChrifl; and acknowledging our owneweakneffe, yea our nothing, let vs neuertheleffebee ílrong in the grace which is inChrilft Iefus,as theApoflle exhorteth, 2.Tim.2.r, z.Tim,z.T. In his naine let vs goe boldlie vnto the throne ofgrace, that.Hcb.4.i6, we may receiue mercie,andfinde helpe in time ofneede :for. though inour felues we are the children ofwrath, vet arewee Ephefi.6 reconciledandacceptedofGod,as his6elossed imhisheft beloued,as it is Ephef. t .6. =. --.... CHAP. III.. Thar temporaliaf flic`l:Qnsare ratherfgnesofGodslose, than ofhis hatred. H fecond argument whereby Satan feeketh to ea.yi perfwadevs that weare out ofthe fauourof God, ficiions is taken from the manifold affli&ions which are markes rather laidvpon many ofGods children, whilell they remaine in ofour adop- this valeofmiferie.But it is eafie to anfwere this obieólion if tion than of we be buta little conuerfant in thebook ofGod,for there we rr reyroba- may learne that afflielions and crolfes are rather lignes of Gods loue thanofhis hatred;and marksrather of our ele&i- on and adoption,than ofreprobation ad eternall damnation. For the Lord bath forefhewed vs that his children fhould mourne when the world fhall reioyce ; that they fhould bee hated and perfecuredfor his name fake; thatall who willliue godlyin Chrif left'sihallfisTerpertcution andaffli5ion, 2.Tim. 3.12. That they who will be conformable tohim in glorie, mull alfo be conformable vnto him in his fiifrings, Rom.8. Rom.8.2p.; 29.That this'hartandmomentanieaffliction,fhall caufevnto yr a farre mofi excellent and eternall wei#ht ofglorie, 2:Cor.4. r. 7. z.Cor.4.r7. That ifìaefuferwith Chrifr,weIhallalföreigne withhim,2.Tim, s,Tim,a.ia... 2-.12. That whom the Lordlouethhe chaseneth : and /ceurgeth" eueryfon that hercceiuethas it is Heb,,i 2.6,That.thofe whom Heb,iz.6,8, he.-