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-'That being vn- toorthíe in our fe!uei,vveare loued,eleîted, andRued in Chrift. x .(.'or.1,30.3 t. i.Cor. t.q.. ver(, ç. Rom. EpheGs:7. Ep'1cf. I. S. Galar.;.tO. Ephet.t 9.10. a.Tim. r.9. RoM.ç.:8 19. E;3.5 a.Cor.t.yo. C01.1.20.2 r. Ey'lcL1,6.and 2..1%i; &C. Ga1.3.4.ç Ephei. 1.5. i.Cor.t.;o. I. ioh.5.1 t. 15.6 That-ourvm:vorthitzefAuld-not traRevs doubt ofCods loste fie and fauevs in our felues, but in our Sauior Chrif},inwhom beingvnworthie of our felues we are made worthie; being vniuf} in our felues, wee aremade iufl, after wee areadorned with the richrobe ofhis righteoufneffe; being inour felues the childrenofwrath and firebrands ofhell, wee are made children ofGod and heires ofheauen. Forhe is made vnto,s ofGod,rxifedome, righteoufneffe; fanCti,F,cation and redemption, that he who reioycethmight reioyce in the Lord, as it is r.Cor.T. 30.3 1. And therefore the Apof}lc teachcth vs,that Godhath giuenhisgrace, not (imply vntovs,«rho werealtogether vn- worthie thereof,.butinIefus Chrift,I.Cor.T.4.nndthat in all thingsweareMaderich in him, as it is verf.5. So he tellethvs, .thatgrace loth reignby righteoufiege vnto eternallife,through lefusChrig our Lord, Rom.5.2I . And that hepath /heTed the en=eeding riches ofhisggrace, through his Rindneffe toguardsvs in Chrig Ief's Eph.2.7.And as God is gracious tovs in Chrif}, fo hath he declared this his loue towards vs inChrift0nly,as may appeare in the feuerall caufes and meanesofour faluati- on. For inhimGodbath elc& ed vs to faluation, as appea_ rethEph.I.5.Inhim is made the couenant ofgrace, as being that fcedeofAbrahain in whomall the nations ofthc earth are bleffed, and to whomall thepromifes were made, as it is Gal.; .16. In him are we called and gathered together into one bodie,whereofhe is the head,as it is Eph.1.9.1o. z.Tim. 1.9. In himare wee iuf}ified,asappcarethRom.S.i 8.i9.Efa. 53.5. I.Cor..1.3o.In himwe are reconciled vntoGod,Col.i. zo.2I. Eph.1.6. & 2.1 2.1 3.14.&e.In himwe are adopted to be the Tonnes ofGod, G Eph.i.5.Inhim we are fanelified, I.Cor.1.3o. Ina word,in him weeare faued,as ap- peareth I.Ioii.S.11.Godbathg.imen vs eternal/life, and this life is inhisronne. Though therefore the Lordcould not in his in- f}icebellowvpon vs thefe his benefits, becaufewee were vn- worthy ofthe leaf}ofthem,andmof} worthy ofal his iudge- mcntsandpui if iments : yet in Chrill we haue fully fatisfied his iuliice,&performed perfe6obedience,and therforecuen in his iuflice he could not but bellow thefe his mercies and graces vponvs,becaufe inhimwee deferued his Ioue,though in ourfelues wehauedefcrued eternail Chat= and confufion. And