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166 That we cannot irrdge o fosire'late in the time o f tentation gainfl the iuf}ice of God to punifh the fame finnes twice ? What fironger argument canbee brought, to proue that we lhall neuer be fubieet to Gods wrath, nor be cafi away in his heauie difpleafure than that our Sauiour Bathbornehis fa- thers anger, to the end hee might reconcile vs vnto him ? and therfore though our Sauiour fuffered thefe outward and inward atNi&ions, not as he was the dearelic beloued fonne ofGodwhowas free from finne,but as he was ourMediator, who had- taken vpon him our finnes, to the end heemight fatiffiehis fathers iuPice; yet feeing hee indured thefe things in our Read, to the end wemight be freed from them,hence arifeth vntoeuery true Chrifiiau found cornfort,and certaine atTurance ofGods loue and goodies towards him. But the tempter will further vrge this obie&ion after this ,Adau;erouc manner : Let it begranted (will he fay) that God doth cha- temptation (life fometime his children whom hee loucth,bothwith out.. grounded vpon ward and inward affli&ions and that they fuffer euen the fi tioar r, et-pro ngGy affi,tta- fame miferies which thou indurePq yet fecing theyare fome- on, . times punifhments alto which bee infli&cth vpon thewic- ked, hence thou cana not gather that theyare fatherlie cha- f}ifèments and fignes ofhis loue to thee : nay contrariwife thoumaid+ affure thyfelfe, that they are fearefull punifh- mentsand fivesofGods hatred, which God in iuf}ice in- flieteth on thee for thy finnes, that others may bee warned by thine example. For if they were chafiüements and fa- therlie corre&ions, thenwould they indeede corre& thee, that is, reforme and amend thee; for this is the end why God inflieteth them on his children,and his end cannot be frufirate : but in thee there is no reformation wrought, nor any increafe ofpatience ; whereas in the faithful l,tribniation brirÿeth forthpatience, as euen by the Scriptures it is mani- fefl. Nay contrariwife when the handofGod is vpon thee, thou bewraief} great impatiencie, and vtterea inconfiderate fpeeches, which tend toGòds difhonour,giue offence tothe world,and wound thine ovine confcience. And therefore howfoeuer to other thefe are fatherlie chaflifements, yet to thee they are feuere punifhments, which mooue thee.rather to. dcfpaire, thanaiure thee ofGods loue. To itora..3