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Spiritual!af ielions no infal':blefignesofCjods hatred. 165 and belt beloued fonne,inwhom he profeífeth himfelfe tobe well pleafed,Mat.3..i 7. Seeing therefore our Sauiour Chrift Matth.3.1. who was the natural fonne and heire ofGod,andfo tenderly beloued ofhisheauenlie father that in him hee loueth all his children,didnotwithilanding indure not only grieuous aflli- & }ions ofbody,but the intollerableburthen ofhis fathers dif- pleafure in his fouleal fc:why fhouldwe imagine p either our outwardor inward aff3ieiions are any lignes or arguméts that Godhatethor hath reieaedvs? efpeciallycófidering that he hathpredefinatedvs tobemade like to the image ofhisfonne,nót only in hisglory,butalto in hisofi[li-s;fo that f rfl we anuflfufer tom.8. rg. withhim,&after raigne with him, as it is Ro.8.29.2.Tit11.2.12, z. . z Butit may be obie&ed that our Sauiour Chriftfuffered all z. Y Pet. a.zz:, this,not for anie finne that was in himfelfe,forhedidnofanne, neither was thereguilefound in hismouth. I .Pet. 2.22. but he was wounded for our tranfgrefons, hewasbrokenfor our iniqui- ties, as it is Efa.5 3.5 And therefore confdering that the E5:53.5%, Lord did thus hate rime, euen when hisdearelie beloued fonne did take it vponhim;howmuch Morewill he hate it in vs? ifhefo feuerelie punifhedhis dearedarlingwhen he had Ánfwere. taken the fznnes ofothers vpon him, how fearefull punifh- r.Pet.3.¡8. merits are prepared for the fanners themfelues? I anfwere, that indeede Chrifl who wasiufl didfuffer for vs who were vas-. iufl, as it is i Pet.3.18. and that fsnne is fo odious to Gods eies, that rather then it fhouldnot bee punifhed, hee would punifhit in his deerelie beloued fonne; the confidcration whereoffhouldmake vs alfo to hate and flie from it as the greateneuill : but yet this fhouldbe fo farre of}from difcou- ragingvs, or frommakingvs doubt ofGods loue, that no- thing in the world lothmore affurevs thereof; no confolati- on canbe imagined more comfortable:for whatgreater tefli- monie ofGodslóuecanbe imagined,then that whëwe were Rom. 5.1°. ffrangers,yea enemies toGod,he fhould fendhis deare belo- uedfon to die for vs,to the end that by this meaner his iuf+ice might be fatisfied,hiswrath appeafed,andwe beingreceiued intograce &fauour,might be made hiresofeuerlaf}ing life? what greateraffurance canwe haue that our fins are forgiuen vs, then that theyare alreadiepunifhed in Chrift ?itbeing a- M 3 gainf