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THE CONTENTS.' meththe worldling toprefumption, anfwered. 282 Satans tentation grounded vpon the doftraie of vninerfll re- demption, anfered. 282 That Chri/ls redemption is not vniuerfall, but only of Godselect, prouedby te f imonies ofScripture. 283 Thefamepointprouedbydicers reafons. 285 Obiel-tions alledgedagainf theformerdottrine,an f tiered. 22i7 Inwhatfenfe ChriflisPaid to haue stiedfor amen. 287 CHAP.XV. That all, who are redeemed by Chrifi, are alfo by him fanEti- fied. Satans tentationperfwadingworldlings to limelicëcioufly,becaufe theyare redecmed,andfball therefore befaued,anfr Bred. 292 Ofthe three degrees ofour redemption wrought by Chrft, and how theyfollow oneanother. 296 CHAP. XVI. Ofthofetentations whichSatanvfeth againft thefaithfall, con- cerningtheir redemption,andhow they mayanfwere them.3co That it is not repugnant to gods iu,flice, to punifh Chriftfor vs. 300 That Chriß bath offered an al-fisfcient priceforour redemp- tion. 3o2 Satans tentations againf `t the particular applicationof Chri/ls merits, anfwered. 304 Ourfalling intofinne, no reafon toprone that we arenot redee- med. 3 0 That Godis not angrywith thefaithful,thoughhefeemethfo.3o6 Satansaffaultingvs, noreafon toproue thatwegrenot redeemed fromhis power. 07 That thoughwe die,yet weare redeemedfromdeath. 31 o That thofewho areonce redeemed, cannot againebebrought into bondage. 312 CHAP. XVII. Ofour vocation, what it is, and thekinds thereof. 313 Oftheparts ofour ofeetuallcalling, andfirfl ofour f paration fromtheworld. 316 Ofthefcondpart ofoureffeEtuallcalling, namely the reciprcall donationofChrif tovs, andv,r to Chrf. 317 Of