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THE CONTENTS. Thirdly, by thevfe oftheSacrameuts. 225 Fourthly, by tbeefev s ofourele5tion,vocation, iulification,fan< EtijiCation. 225. &C. That ourfanEtification is the touch one ofallthe reg. 229 That thofe who will beattiredoftheifeledion,muli beginat their fan5tification. 231 Ofdiuerslndsofcounterfeitholincfe, whichglue no affurance ofe1ec`tion. 232 Ofthefruits andproperties oftruefandiftcation 233 CHAP. X. Of tenfgnesandinfallible noteswherby wemay beattiredof our election. 235 CHAP. XL Theobiettions alledged a, lain. the affurance ofour election, anfwered: andfiri tthofe which aregroundedvponteflimonies ofScripture. 248 That feare anddif ruff in our ovine neakneffe, andaffurance of our elutionmay together. 2 53 CHAP. XII. The reafons alledged againg the affhrance ofour election, an® f- - ered. 262. That not afurance,but doubting ofour electron proceedeth from prideandprefumption. 262 Ourvnworthines no caufe whywefhould doubt ofour eleciia.264 That?beak ief fe offuthand certaintie ofaturancemay wellftand together. That aweakefaith doth as tritely affure vs of our eleaion as 7ronger. How our faith though afaulted with doubting, may bee cer- taine. 267 That the fight ofour imperfettions, is no caufe Why wee fhould doubt ofour eleltion. 273 That this doctrine openeth noway tofecurity andprefumpta.276 CHAP. XIII. Ofour redemption, what it is, by whom, from what, withWhat price, and to what endweare redeemed. 278 CHAP. MM. Satans temptations concerningour redemption, whereby hee me- il me