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THE .CONTENTS. . Thecaufes wherefore God cloth not perfeEtly fvflevs in this life. 63 8 CHAP VIII. Satans tentations drawnfrom ourflowgoingforwardin fana ttifacation, anfwered. 637 CHAP. IX. Satans tentationswhereby he aggrauatethourfaunes ingenerall, anfwered. 64/ What it is towake,after the f elb andafter thefpirit. 643 Thedifference beticeene the[Imesofthe regenerate, and theun- regenerate. 644 CHAP. X. That/mnnescommittedafterrepentancearepardonable. 646 That all fanes ofknowledgearenotprefumptuou.r. 64$ That finnes committedagain[ knowledge arepardonable. 649 Offînnes oftencommitted. 652. CHAP. XI. Ofthe tentationsofblafphemies, wherewith Satan laboureth ta hinder the Chriftian in thecourfeoffanaifacation. 654 O f the dinerskinds ofblafphemous 655 Confolations to (1rengthenvs againft wickedblafpheanies. 659 O f themeaner to befreedfrom there blafphemousfuggefliós.664 CHAP. XII. Satans tentationswhereby he perfivadeth the Chrifian that bee hatbfinnedagainft the holy Ghof. 668 What thelime againft theholy Ghoft is, andhew itmay bee cernedfrom otherfanes. 669 CHAP. XIII. Satans tentationswhereby he impugneth the certaintie of our perfeuerance. 671 ef4rgunscnts toproue thecertaintieofour perfeuerance. 675 CHAP. XIIIIandXV. Other reafons to proeue the certaintie ofour perfeuerance. 679 CHAP. XVI. XVII. XVIII.andXIX. ObieEtions ag-ain// the doctrine ofperfeuerance takenfrom te. .ftimonies ofholy Scripture, anfivered. Er.ata. Pag.657.1. rz.r;. r. himfelfe. p.66o.1.z. r.plainely,and1. 3g. peace.p.696,1.g. r.verf S.vnto the9.pag7o;. l.zo.r.renued.p.7o7.Li9.r.meanes p.7oB.17.r.teach ng. p.7r3.1.37,r.ofthe. p.716.4 3, 4. ra;ainfl the holy.p.727,1. 37. r.propofition,