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THE FIRST BOOKE INTREATING OF THE POWER andpoliciesofour fpirituall enemies,andofthe meaneshow we may withf}and the one and.defeate the other. CHAP. I. Thatall thegodly are affaulted with thelinrittsallenemies of theirfabsation. HEApoftle halting (hewed themyflerie ,Sec`!.x. ofour faluation and the caufes thereof; for theconfirmation ofourfaith, in the three firf+ chapters of his Epifile. to the Ephefians,aud afterwards in the other chapters hauing fet down diuérs duties both generallie belonging to all Chri- iians,andalfo particularly appertaining to menoffundrie conditions, thathemight moue them to repentance :and a.- mendment oflife ; in thenext place,like the LórdsCentinel, dothdifcouer and gibevs warningofthe approchofmighty enemies, willing vs to arme our feluesit all points in our ovine defence, and couragioufly to (land vnder the flandard ofChri(t Iefius,that we may be continually in readines to en- dure the encounter,chap.6.10.1i.&c.Wherebyhe giuethvs ll thatrvill tovnderftand, that as foone as we feekc foraffurance of fal- NiueHuGods nation inChrifl,and endeuour to ferue the Lord in a hohe pecparYettoem and a-Chrifhan life, we are toprepareour felues for a corn-Bluesfgrthe. bat,vnleffe we wouldfuddenlybe furprifed ; for the fpiritual /7irituali tetra+ enemies of our faluation bandie thcmfelues againfl vs as bit. $ ,foone`