Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

'Matallthegodl are afftultedwith to;tatïon-i Whofoeuer therefore refolue to be Gods feruants, mufr make account to behis fouldiersalto; andwhilefc withNe- bemiae followers,with one hand they performe the workes Nehen4 I7 oftheir callings and Chriflianitie, they tnufl with the other hand hold theirweapons to repell their fpirituall enemies, who continually labour to hinder the Lords buildings for no bonerdoewe becomefriends toGod, but prefentlySa- tan affaulteth vs as his enemies ; no fooner doewee receiue the Lords pre(%mony and let foote into his campe, but Sa- tan aduanceth againfa vs his flagges of defiance, labouring both by fecret treacherie, and outward force, to fupplant and ouercome vs. Here thereforeis inflru6lion for fecure worldlings; and 4.Sea.2, confolationand incouragcment for Gods children.Worldly The twofold men in fiead offighting theLordsbattailes,fpend their time vfe Afihi dad in chambering and wantonnes, in lulls and vncleannes, in arise Muficke anddalliance, in furfettingandal voluptuoufhes,in couetoufnes and idlenes, as though there were no enemie to affauit theni,andas ifSatan were fome meeke 'Lambe and nota roring lion readie todeuoure them; fo that goodMo- fer commingneere them cannot heare thenoife oftheni that haue thevióIorie,nor thenoife of them that are ouercome, but thenoife ofPinging andmeriment, for they arenotflgh- Exod.;s: ting the battailes of the Lord of hofls, but folemnifng a Sabbath to thegoldenCalfe, fitting down toBate anddrink and rilingvp to play. The fpirituall Cananites arequite for- gotten,and they remembernot thebleffed landof promife-, -whereunto like pilgrimes,theyfhould bee trauailing, but make thisworld, thiswildernes offin, the place oftheir ioy and delight.Ina word, they flourifh in their outward (later, and their minds feele any vexation ofSatans temp- tations. Andwhat is the caufe ofall this ? Ifyouaske them, theywill fay, that theyhaue fucha flrong faith andpeace of rhdttbngs confcience, that Satans temptations haue no power ouer peaceQs.occe- them ; neither were they euer troubled with any ofhis en- t'etlitast f-om counters. And not content withthefebraggesoftheir ovine f renatb but happie eílate,they cenfure and condemne Gods children, tar"U1 accounting their (late troll defperatewhoare molefledwith curiae. B z Satans.