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to ReaFons to encouragevs tofight in thisfpiritdtallCOn CHAP. III. . Arguments wherebywe maybe encouraged to estterinte tM fßirituallconfli Tt. Nd thus haue I-fhewed that al that wi1beGods feruants mull fight hisbattailes againfhis and our fpirituall enemies, and thecaufeswhy the Lordpreffethvs to thisferuice. Now that wee -tray gocouragiouílie into the field,letvs con- fiderof forne reafons.and motiueswhich may make vs refo- lute and valiant. The fir!}is the iuílneffe ofour caufe : For though fouldiers be newer fo thongandwel furnifhed,yetif theirconfciences tell them that they fight in abad quarrel!, itwill much abate their courage,and make them cowardiie and timerous. But ourcaufeis mollMil, andour Warmmoil lawfull, for Godwho is iaflice it Idlehath proclaimed it by hisHeraulds theApoilles.So Ephef.6.1o.Finalll_mybrethren befirong in the Lord, andin thepower ofhis might. t t . Put on thewholearmourofGod,thatyemay beable toflandagainfi the a,Taultsofthediauell,&c. AndIatn.4.7: Re/ff thediuelland he tvillfie fromyou.Andt.Pet.5.8.Befóber andwatch, foryour ad uerfarie thediuell asa raring lionwakethaboutfee,ingwhomhe maydcr-toure : 9. Whom refif?fledfafl in thefaith. Secondlie, thecaufe ofour warre is ofgreat weight, as namely forthe glory ofGodand our owne foliation ; for in all Satans skirmifhes, hee feeketh to impeach 'Gods glorie with falle imputations, and to bringvs to vtter defiruó ion. And this may appeare byhis firfl conflie} with otir mother Eue, Gen.3.4.5.wherehe accufethGodofa lie,Who is truth it felfe ;andofimpotencieandenuious difdaine,faying,that the caufewhyhe (lid forbid them to cateofthe fruite ofthe treeofthe knowledgeofgood and euill; wasnot(as hehad . faid)becaufe theyfhouiddie,butbecaufe he knew that when they fhouldBate thereof, their eies fhould be opened, and they fhould beas Gods knowing goodand euill.Wherefitíl he feeketh todimme the beaniesofGods glorie by accufing" hint ; §.Sca.i. EphcC6.zo. Iam.4.7. s.Pet. s.8. The ccufeof rnrfßiritHall VV4tofgreat importance. Gcn.3.4 ç.