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leeafors:to encourage v1tof ightin thisffirituallconfil. ai himofa lie,andtoperfwade them that he was not-omnipo- tent, teeing that hewas notable tohinder themfrombeing Gods, ifthey tailedofthis fruite: lafily,that he therfore for- bad them toBate therof, becaufe he envied them fo glorious anelate. And fecondlyhe laboureth to deflroy our firft pa- -rentsboth bodie and foule, by tempting them-to difobe- dience and the tranfgreflîonofGods commandement and thereforeour Sauiour Chrifl,Ioh.8.44. dothvery fitly ioyne Iohn 8.44. , thefe two together,faying, that he was a lieranda manflaier from the beginning.A lier, in that he falfely accufed Godof lying;amanflaier,becaufe he did it to thisend,that hemight murther our firfl parents and all their- pofleri tiebothbodie Ind foule. So that you fee that the end ofSatans fight isto difhonour God and deflroyvs, and therefore ifwe haue any regardofGodsglorie(which fhouldbe moredeare vnto vs thenourowne foules)or anyrefpe.&ofour ownefaluation,if we-wouldnottreacheroufliebetray thembothbyourfloth. fulnefhéorcowardize into thehands ofGods &our enemie; letvsvaliantly enter the field, &neuer ceafe our contagious fight till we haue obtained a full vielorie. The fecoadreafon to moouevs to vndertake this fight, is g.Sec7.2. theprofit which_will .accrewvnto vs thereby : forifthe get- The profit of tingoffomebootie and prize,or the receiuingoffonie trite= thisfpirituatl lingpay wil moue the fouldiers ofearthlyPrincesto vnder- NIL . .goe all dangers, and with vvonderfull peril! .oflife to fight euenat the Cannons mouth; how much more :fhould the flipendofour heauenly king mouevs to fight this combat h©w terrible foeuer it feemeth to flefh' andblood ?- For firtf, thatis trulyhere verified,P ixbellift!i e, Peace is the.daughter .ofwar,neithercan we fooner enter the field to fight againfl thefeenemies, but prefently we fhall haue peace with God; . and foone after the fruit thereof the peace ofconfeience. Whereas ifwebetrayGods caufe to Satan,andour-foules to finne,well may weebelulled afleepe in carnali fecuritie,but we (hall neuer enioy this peace withGodandpeace ofcon fcience:for there isnopeace,fùithmy God, to thewickçd.Efa.57. Efa.57.21. 'Andwhofoeuer haue taken this treacherous truce with Sa- 'tan, (hall finde that hewill breake it for hisbea acluantag.e, if ..