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'0f the maliceofourfpritsidlenemie SAW. 2+ that it ismoil malitiouflybentagainfl vs,'fo that there is no Salass'sill hopeoftruce or reconciliation withhim, thoughwee could m ° 144"4"(4°- find inour cowardly hearts to labour and fue for adifhono- tablepeace withGodsand our en.emie. For his malice is not newly conceivedbutinueterate,euen as ancient withina few daiesas the worldit l'elfe, andmuch more durable ; for the world (hall haue anend, but Satans malice to mankind is endleffe, becaufe thecaufe thereof, namely,the loue and fa- uour ofGod toward the faithfull(whofe eflate he doth enuy andmaligne, himfelfebeing eternally reprobated) (hall be endleffeand eternal'. And this appeareth in the example of our firflparents,whowere no fooner placed in the gardenof pleafüre,and poffeffed ofParadife, but Satan being almoft burftWithenuie tofee their happieeflate, neuer idled til he had difgorged hismalice, anddifpoffeffed themofthathap- pineffewhich theyenioyed: Neither doth he leffe maligne and hate. thole who being fallenin Adam are railedvp in Chriti,andhaue thefee iimpleofeuerlafiingglorie, purcha- fed'byChriftsmerit Pealedandallured vnto them by theSpi.. ritofGodand a liuely faith. And hence it is that the Lord (knowingSatansmalice towards his children,and that whe- therhe fawnethor frowneth,he aiwaies feeketh theirdeflru- &ion)hathproclaimedopen warres betweene.vs,Gen.3.15. Gen.' a S. thatwe may aiwaies fiand uponour guard,andnot bJ furpri- fed at vnawares that altowe may not entertaine a thought ofpeace,thoughSatanoffer it on whatfoeuer conditions:for what peace can there be betweene the childrenofGod and the childrenofBelial, betweene the feedeofthe womanand the feedeofthe ferpent,feeingGodhitnfelf from thebegin- ning bath put enmitiebetweene them ? But as themalice ofSatan is inueterate, fo alfo it is mor- Seci.2ro taland deadly, not tobe fatisfied byoffering a final' iniurie, tans malice by takingaway our goods and good name, or affliciingvs i°ynedvvitb with fickneffe, no not bytakingaway our lines; for nothing violence. willfatisfie himbutour finall deflruóiion ofbody and foule. And this his malice is liuelydeciphered vnto vs by diuers names whichare giuenhim in the Scriptures.Forheis called Satan,that is, anaduerfarie, full readie tocroffe vs inall dur C cites