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OfSatatts Y12aZícC, 21 caufeSatan, tvhe was the accafr of their brethren, taus calf do:vne,n-hichaccufd them before Goddayandnight. So that Sa- tan can fpare no time, from accufing vs forfinne, but that whiçh hee imploieth in tempting vs thereunto, or in infli- &ling thofe punifhinents which God permitteth him to lay upon vs.Whereby wemaypercciue themalice and treachery ofour enemie,who thoughhe be the chicfe caufewhichmo- uethvs to finne,yet himfelfe is the frfl that accufethvsfor it, and that vnceffantly. Whichmay ferue as a ilrong argument tomakevs warie ofourwaies, left falling into fm, we giue. Satan occafion to infult ouer'vs, and topreferre bils of in- ditementbefore our heauenly Iudge,whofe exaó iuflice wil not let finne goe vnpuniihed.If there were a promoter con- tinuallie prying into all our adlions whowere mofi mali- tiouflie difpofed againfl vs, And readie to informe of all our mifdemeanors veto theMagitlrate,how fearcfull wouldwe be todoeany thingwhich wouldbring vs within the com- paffe ofthe law? But fuch an informer continually obferueth all our behauiour,euen in our fecret chambers; whowill not faile to accule vseuen ofthofe finneswhich hehimfelfe bath temptedvs vnto:and therefore feeing this malitious blab flil prieth into oura&lions, this fhuldbe ofmore force towith- hold vsfrom all finne,then ifal theworld did lookevpon vs. Buthe is not onely an accufer, but a flanderer alto, and thereofhebathhisnaineh.ßoNg-. Ifthereforehe can fpie but anapparance ofeuill invs, hewill not flicke to fay,that wee haue or will commit that euill whichhe fufpedleth vs of, for he wil wrefl and mifconflrueal we do to theworílfenfe,and make ofeuerymolehill anhuge mountaine. Thus wrongful- lydid hee flander lob, that hee ferued God for that end for whichDemetrius ferued hisGoddeffe, namely for aduá.tage, becaufe he preferuedhim and bleffed all he had; affirming that ifhewould take away his goods, and a littleaffliél his bodie,he wouldblafphernehim to his face, Iob.i .i o. And lob 1.10. thisalto teachethvs to lookwarily toour a&lions,abllaining not onely frommill, but alto from all appearance thereof,as r_.Ther. 5.= theApoftle exhorreth, thatfo we giuenot to our malitious cnetniethe leafl aduantage. C 3 Neither