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-41 12 OfSatansmalii.e.. Neither is Satanonly an accufer and flanderer, but altoan' executioner or hangman,readie with all alacritie and foliage crueltie to inflió that punifhinent .the 'which the Lord ad- iudgethvs vnto,as we may fee in the hifierie oflob ; and this alfo fheweth vnto vs the: extreame malice ofour enemie, whichmaketh him to forget that glorious fiatewherein hee was created,&with al willingnes to execute fobate anowe. 4Se7.5. By all which appeareth that our eneinie Satan is mofi ma. Ephcfs.,s. litious,yeamalitioufneffeit felfe, as hee is calledEphef.6.ia. thatis,the father and author ofall maliceandenuie,who la- bourethmight andmaine to dilhonour God and worke our defiru&ion. The confiderationwhereoffhould ronzevsout ()four carnali fecuritie (wherebymenbehaue themfelues, as though either they had no enemieat all, or elsfuch a gentle. naturedone,that theymay haue peace-with himat their own pleafure) feeing.: there is no hope ofpeace and truce, vnleffe weecanbeecontent to liue in his thraldome to our vtter de- ílru&ion :for whomfoeucr he keepethas his prifoners inthis life,he wil at thehoure ofdeath and iudgement bringout to execution. Let vs therefore oppofe againft Satansmalice, Chrifiian refolution; fiedfafflypurpofing &'endeuouring tocontinue our fight in refifling Satan to our liues end, how trouble- Tome foeuer it feemeth to flefhandblond. Forteeing there is no truce tobe hoped for, nor to be defired ifit were offered; by reafon of the enmitiewhich is.betweenevs and our ene- mie; feeinghismalice isle, inueterate and mortall,that there is nomerde to bee expedied,but all barbarous and raging crueltie; Peeingalto wee fight the Lords battailes, whobath affured vsofviólorie in the end:This fhould make vs fo refo- lute,that-thoughwebe foiled,wounded, and as it were bea= ten downe on our knees, yet wee fhould neuer yeeld; but make refiflanceeuento the lafi gafpe.Forwhatmorehono- rable death then to die in fighting the Lords battailes? What death moreprofitable, Peeing by dying we (hall ouer- come and obtaine a finall vic`lorie ouer all our enemies, and" receiue the Browne ofglory,euerlafiinghappineffe,promifed to all thofewho fight valiantly in this combat vnto the end ? CHAP,