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'(3fSatstn.rflrength.. CHAP. V. Oftheflrength ofvur#irituall enemieSatan. Nd thus haue I (hewed themalitious will ofour 4.Seei.r enemie. Let vsnow confiderofhispower. For thoughhe bemoil malitious,yet ifheewanted power to execute his malice, wee might well contemne him,and reiifecure,tnakingno great preparation torefill hisweake affault. But with our enemie it is farreotherwife :for as his will is moll malitiouílybent to hurt, fo is he firong and inightie to effedt his will. And thishis powerand abilitie to execute his will, conlfleth partly in his firength, and partly in his skill andwarlike policie, wherebyhe imploieth al his flrength to his belt aduantage. His .frengthmaybe hin felfe and inhis aides. In refpeel ofhis owne flrength he is verymightie, fo that ofSatans ifthe Lord permittethhimhe isable to raife the winds,ftirre (frengtb `ßnf' vp tcmpefis, bringdowne fire from heauen, and vtterly de- `treed in bun. firoyvs ina moment. And this his firength the holieGhofl Ï l expreffeth, bycomparing him to things'mofi firong, either in the fea or onthe land, that 'foweemaybemorecarefull to arme ourfelues againft him.He is compared to the great Le- -rsiathan or Whale,Efa.27.1. whofe inuincible force is defcri- Efa. t 7.i. 'bedby the Lordhimfeife,Iob4I. Iob 41. Hee is compared to a lion, yea to a roring lion, i.Pct. 5.8. t,Pet.;:,8. which rauenouflie hunting after his pray hath his force re- doubled with hishunger. Andalfo to agreat redDragon,ha- uing feuen heads and tenne bottles , whofe-flrength is fo great, that with his very taile hee drew the third part ofthe fiarres ofheauen,and cafi them to the earth,Apoc.i 2.4. that Apac.ia.4. is, he vanquifheth and fubduethmany in thevifible Church which make fome profeffon of religion, but in their liues denie thepower thereof.And this his flrength is fomuch the more dangerous, by reafon ofhis mortali malice anddeadly poyfon which he cafiethout ofhis mouth ingreat abundâce. C 4. .And