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it 7. ;;Apoca z.. -26 OfSatan;flrength. 2.Cor. r 2.7. Yea foventroushee is, that heafraulted our ftril parents in the Elate of innocencie, when they were armed with free will, and might if they would haue refilled his temptations. .Nay, fodefperately audacious is this ourene- mie.that hedurll encounterour grandCaptaine Chrili Iefiis, whowas Godand man able todefiroy himwith aword of his mouth ; and that notonce. butmany times, after-she was íhanicfully foiled and ouerthrowne .: yea fo infolent and foole-hardiehe is, that hedid not onelyaffault him here on earthwhen hewas in the fhape ofa feruant, andwhereas iu refpeel ofhisoutward (late henighthaue fomehope ofpre- ttailing;butalfohe wagethwarre againfl him inheauen,ft- tingat the righthand ofhis father inall glorie, .power and maiefiie, whenas hehath noappearance ofhope topreuaile, but is mofi Pure that he fhall haue the ouerthrow. Andthis appeareth,Apoc. r 2.7. And therewasabattailein heauen:Mi- chaeland his angelsfought again] the dragon ; and thedrav3s fought andhisangels,but theyprevailed not,&c. Where byMi_ ehael we vnderfland Chrifi himfelf,for he onely is the prince ofAngels; and this namefignifying fuch an oneas is equal! withGodalmightie, can agree to no other but vnto Chrifl alone. .And by theDragon we are to vnderfland Sa- tan, as appeareth verf.9. who fought againfl our Sauiour, thoughhe preuailednot. Iftherefore hee durfl encounter the mofl-valiantfouldiers that euerfought the Lords battailes, yea ifhe dura fet upon our SauiourCh_rifi himfelfe;then finely there is nodoubt but that he bath courageenough to fet vponvs who are weake .and:feeble,altogether vnable in our felues to make refilláce. Seeing therefore our enemies are fo puiffant in firength, fo innumerable inmultitude,fo dangerousandfoaudacious, let vs(hake offal! fecuritie. andcontinually fiand in readines to endure the encounter : for what follie is itfor vs with fe- cure worldlings to contemne and make no reckoning of fuch enemies ? Seeing eucry one ofvs muffreffl ahugemul- titude ; feeing wee which are wcake and feeble are towith- (land thofe which are flrongand'nightie; feeingwewhich :are fiefh.3ndbioudmnufl enter cutnbat with thofe which are fpirituall