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Ci fSatansffrength. fpiritualíwickedrieffes, principalities ,povvers,andprinces of darknes ; feeingwe who are cowardly and fearefull muff fu flaine theencounter of thofe who are defperate and auda- cious ; lailly,feeingwe haue in our felues no aduantages a- gainft them, and theywant no aduantages againi vs : let vs not therefore fooliflilycontemnne fuch puiffant enemies ; but with all care and dilgence let vs arme our felues againt} them,and l'corkeout ourfaluation Withfeare and trembling, as Phil.2. tz. theApoffle exhorieth,Phil.2.1 2. But as we are not fecurely to contemne thefe enemies : 'fo 4.SetI.4. weare not faintly toyeeld vnto them, nor cowardly to de- fpaire.ofviEtorie.For as allthofewhich fecurelycontemning themneuer nandvpon their guard, are moll lire to bee fur prifed andouerthrowne; fowhofoeuer arme themfelues a- gainff them, and enter into the fpirituall combat with ade- lire to ouercome, !hall moll certainlie obtaine viclorie: for though their powerbe great, yet it is not infinite, and that which they haue, it is not from themlelues but from the Lord,who focurbeth themwithhis all -ruling prouidence; that they arenotable togoe one iot further thenhee loofeth out the raines; as itpiainely appeareth bothby examples and teffimonies of Scripture. Though Sátan were moil malis tiouiliedifpofed againf lob, fo that he didwith all extremi- tie execute that whichGod fufferedhim to doe,yet hecould notgoe one iot further then hiscommiflion, ,heecould not touchhis fubfiance till the Lord hadPaid; All that he hath is in thy hand, Iob.i:I 2. And therefore not preuailing againtl himbydepriuing h"iirof his goods and fubflance, bee coin- meth againe to the Lord tohaue hiscommiíon inlarged, Iob 2.1. and thenhawing gotten authoritie to affii&his bo- bie,yet could henottouch his life, becaufc the Lord had not giuenhim fomuch liberty.ThoughSaul were awickedman; yet Satancould not hurt orvexe him,till the Lord fernhim, 1.Sam.i6.a4.And hence it is that he is called thef#irit ofGod, ver.i 5.and chap. i 8.z o. becaufe he is Gods {lane wholly at hisappointment. So hee could not déceiue the falfe pro- phets ofAhab,till he hadgotten licence ofthe Lord,' Xing- 22.22 .Nay, fo farre is S.atati from -hawing abtòlute authort- tic